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New hfvadd
Oct 28 12 Comments

Glassdoor has some pretty nasty reviews about the company. Is the management doing anything to rectify that? anyone from Cruise care to comment


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  • Square ygkotsf
    SoftBank will clean house once the whole WeWork thing is patched up
    Oct 28 2
    • New hfvadd
      Why? It’s a real tech company while wework isn’t
      Oct 28
    • Square ygkotsf
      The culture is toxic with tons of politics and backstabbing. This place is total chaos with priorities shifting left and right. We have years of tech debt, and the code base is riddled with hacks. Blame is the name of the game. Your failure is my success. Etc. Good senior leaders have left on their own. Others have been Kyle'd or have just disappeared. with no notice. Management is useless and has no backbone. They're well known for playing favorites., so don't go crying to your manager expecting help...worst case they (and HR) will use it against you. Online bullying and cyber stalking is rampant here so be prepared to get "blinded". Working in this environment can give a person some serious PTSD so unless you have some sadistic fetish you want to live out don't even think of coming here. I wouldn't be surprised that when Softbank is done with the whole WeWork scandal, they force change leadership at Cruise.
      Oct 28
  • Cruise Automation gasp
    I haven't been there too long, but in my org:

    - Bad inter-team relationships
    - Ineffective leadership
    - Holy crap there's a lot of tech debt

    I'm leaving asap. I have no interest in staying here.
    Oct 29 3
    • New hfvadd
      Which org are you part of?
      Oct 29
    • Cruise Automation gasp
      Oct 29
    • Cruise Automation gasp
      Oct 31
  • Google foony
    New Cruise person here. I have no idea what anybody in this thread is talking about. Both of the people I know at the company say the company is okay. I've only been here a couple of weeks but I can already tell I'm at a great company from the two coffees I've gotten with two of my coworkers. Well, one and a half -- one had to leave halfway through our coffee because of something on his phone. He was screaming as he left, but it was in joy I think.

    (I've never worked there, but just wanted to go ahead and cover the base of the dipshit new hire who misleads people online because they're trying to reduce their cognitive dissonance.)
    Oct 29 2
    • Cruise Automation follow-me@
      Glad that you enjoyed it. Mind sharing team or org names so other know good places to move in to? Infra is having pretty bad rep
      Oct 29
    • Google foony
      Subtextual Identification
      Oct 29
  • Cruise Automation ape-polo
    Cruise is a tough cookie to swallow. My claim is that if you survive more than a year at Cruise and do well there, you will most likely be able to do well anywhere. Most of the people who write negative things about Cruise do so out of frustration. They belong to the group of people who didn't survive or who can't handle the harsh environment. It doesn't mean that they are lying, or that they are saying negative things out of spite. They objectively feel disappointed, especially since the company's mission is something that all of us can relate to. I write this because if you're going to apply to Cruise and plan on joining it, you should be aware of these things. You should be aware that the company has an amazing mission statement. It has very talented people working for it - some of the smartest I've encountered in my career. But, it is a very very hard place to work at. This means that just like those people posting negative things, you might not survive it. Just as a point of reference I know of one too many people who have left the company before their one year anniversary or just after.
    Oct 29 0
  • Orion / Eng

    Orion Eng

    Qualcomm, Essential, Avegant, Nokia, Tata Communications, Reliance Industries
    Here’s what I felt while interviewing, I had two Hiring Mgr screens. First technical, next was for People Mgt skills. They set up onsite for EM role and then backtracked and cancelled it. Lowballed me to code screen first. I cleared that and now been asked to come onsite for Sr SWE role. I have friends there and they are pretty close fisted about culture over there. I am going through the process out of self-respect, but I don’t think I will clear because from what I see, they are not good decision makers
    Oct 30 0


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