Cruise eng culture

Uber mOUO22
Jul 15 16 Comments

Got a verbal offer for senior eng from a recruiter. Will post offer details when in. In the mean time, what are your guys thoughts on cruises eng culture? How's the internal sentiment on where the business is going? How does the tech compare to that of the tech giants?


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  • New qowSc4
    Massive tech debt and engineering anti patterns everywhere.
    Jul 17 0
  • Facebook fadedgood
    I’ve worked at both Cruise and FANG. Cruise is worse in every conceivable way, except that self driving cars are a cool idea. Eng culture is awful. My recommendation is to look elsewhere.
    Jul 17 2
    • Microsoft belleseat
      Is it because of inexperienced managers or clueless leadership? When I interviewed, they all look very inexperienced and have narrow view. One interviewer told me the first few engineers were really bad but they started hiring quality candidates who have been improving the platform. How is ML platform?
      Jul 17
    • Facebook fadedgood
      My gripes were mostly with leadership, but it is true there are many inexperienced managers. I don’t know much about ML platform directly
      Jul 17
  • Lyft mnLj32
    I've heard that the culture there is less than to be desired.

    Between people that I know there as well as the candidates that I've recently interviewed that are currently looking to get out, a common theme has occurred. It sounds as if the problem space there is amazing, but the Senior Leadership has created and is fostering a Lord of the Flies environment. The most disheartening part is that it sounds like the concerns are bubbled up to HR and leadership themselves and still no change.
    Jul 20 1
    • Cruise Automation ntspqctrg
      This. The car was supposed to be on the road last year and it’s not
      Jul 22
  • Cruise Automation 38djfo
    Don’t do it, seriously. So dysfunctional.
    Jul 19 0
  • Microsoft fantasiA
    I think it has a bright future. I didn’t pass their on site but they seem enthusiastic about their work and future. They claim they are no 2 with huge lead to no 3. They are backed by GM and Honda. I think it is a great deal if you don’t need liquid money for the next 3-5 years.
    Jul 15 3
    • Amazon kudobear
      I think they give GM stock
      Jul 15
    • Cruise Automation bhWc45
      No they don't
      Jul 15
    • Cruise Automation / Eng ⛸️
      They used to give liquid money tied to value of GM stock but no more.
      Aug 31
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Cruise Automation 38djfo

      I actually got fired
      Jul 20
    • Reddit zobw
      Do I have to sign in to view the answers or something?
      Jul 16
    • New Zaqe78
      No you don’t have to
      Jul 16
  • Cruise Automation hey123
    They used to, but now give internal Cruise shares like all good startups.
    Jul 16 0


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