Cruise equity

Lyft aIdY74
Sep 9 5 Comments

looking into positions at Cruise. was wondering what their equity package looks like — specifically, is their equity paid out in GM stock? cruise stock? does cruise stock have value until another liquidity event?


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  • Citrix Systems / Eng ಅವನೌನ ಹಡಾ
    How much did you make out of lyft ipo op ?
    Sep 9 1
    • Cruise Automation Ducklings
      Lockout ended in August.
      Sep 10
  • Twitter / Eng

    Twitter Eng

    Google, Facebook
    100% Cruise private stock, not liquid until a liquidity event.
    Sep 9 2
    • Cruise Automation / Eng ⛸️
      ^ yup this is correct.

      They used to pay out GM stock in cash but no longer
      Sep 10
    • Wave Computing ai314
      How do private stocks work? I understand in private start ups, Stock Options have a fixed strike price which you have to pay to purchase your stocks. Do you need to pay strike price to buy Cruise private stock before you sell them?
      Nov 10


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