Cruise vs. Zoox Interview Bar

Cruise Automation ninja-ga
Aug 2 9 Comments

I think it’s fair to compare Zoox and Cruise as closely competing self-driving pseudo startaps owned by carmakers and baked by solid investors. If you’ve interviewed for both, what’s your opining about interview bar? Please share the role/department you were interving for.



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  • Apple


    Zoox engineers know their shit.
    Aug 4 0
  • New dBBO43
    Cruise is hiring like crazy, their hiring bar is a lot lower
    Aug 2 3
    • Microsoft / Eng oieeeee
      Not really.... interview taken by less experience folks ...who expect perfect working code for LC hard problem in 30 min or less...take more time your are rejected
      Aug 2
    • Cruise Automation 🥩supreme
      I never ask LC style questions because it’s fucking stupid and I make sure my opinion on this is known. I’m actually mostly seeing folks pass coding sessions and then bomb design and b&v one but I don’t interview many juniors anymore
      Aug 2
    • Microsoft / Eng oieeeee
      For me it was mostly junior engineer less than 1 yr industry experience
      Aug 2
  • Argo AI hvkI08
    Cruise has a much more rational business plan, zoox needs another X billion in funding to develop their vehicles to a point where they can be manufactured and approved for the road. They are basically trying to create a Tesla taxi that has L4 autonomy from the start.
    Aug 7 0
  • Aurora YzfW48
    Haven't interviewed with Cruise but Zoox's process was pretty long and their bar seems fairly high.
    Aug 3 0
  • Facebook KhBd43
    Cruise interview seems very unprepared and untested. Almost all the interviewers were just 2 or 3 months in the company.

    I cleared both. I interviewed for firmware engineer and definitely felt zoox was more productive and professional.
    Aug 2 0
  • Cruise Automation creatur
    As for every interview it's a crapshoot
    Aug 9 0


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