Culture and WLB at Tesla

Cruise Automation O8AAf8
Sep 23 15 Comments

Have a job opportunity there that my recruiter wants me to pursue. I honestly don't care that much about working long hours as long as the work is fulfilling/meaningful. The problem is I've been hearing too many people say that the culture and work hours are both horrible at Tesla. Is this true? When people say that the culture is bad, is it just super competitive? Or what exactly is the problem. If people working there could give some specifics that would be really appreciated!


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  • Tesla ElonB
    People are awesome. Elon is an ass. Mission is cool. Perks suck.
    Sep 23 0
  • Tesla lakdksk
    I think overall the work is great and it’s definitely very satisfying. But if you’re on a team like Autopilot then you’ll have constant exposure to Elon and rigorous deadlines. This stress is not something everyone can handle. If you think you can handle it then definitely go for it.

    The “culture” problem is not so much colleagues (they are all mostly great) but more so it’s the deadlines and constant pressure.

    Another thing to remember is that you won’t get the usual Silicon Valley benefits i.e. 401k matching (not so much Silicon Valley), free food etc.
    Sep 23 0
  • Tesla tTfQ61
    Stay out of the Energy side. They have an unclear future and turnover is mind boggling. WLB all depends on your team/boss. If you have a good boss then all is rosy
    Sep 24 1
    • Tesla ScYbF5ne7S
      Yep completely boss dependent. Same team same job, manager changed and things improved exponentially. Quality of managers is very uneven
      Sep 28
  • Tesla pogger
    Pay sucks. Unless you join autopilot, they will pay you well.
    Sep 24 0
  • Tesla saaru_huli
    Stay out of IT Apps and you will be fine.
    Sep 29 0
  • New bytec
    I have a friend who works 10-12 hour days there on a hardware team, and he finds the work very fulfilling. He has stayed for 3 years and counting.
    Sep 23 0
  • Tesla VXvWsd
    People are great and the meaningfulness factor is off the charts.

    The only difficulty is that it’s so fast-paced that you’ll be constantly competing for one another’s time if you’re spanning projects across multiple departments.

    The ones who cry the loudest about WLB are the individuals who haven’t learned how to manage their time and/or have low stress thresholds.
    Sep 24 1
    • Tesla QQtD48
      Changing transport and energy
      Sep 25
  • Tesla PDdu47
    Really depends on team and product
    Sep 24 0
  • Cisco moondabluz
    Which team are u considering?
    Sep 23 0
  • Tesla sgzP07
    I think culture is fine, but work load is definitely ludicrous. I am in manufacturing engineering, and we have to pull 65+ hrs/week, weekends included. Pay is also subpar compared to Bay Area companies.
    Sep 24 2
    • Grid Dynamics cain
      Do you get paid for overtime or it's just the regular pay?
      Sep 25
    • Tesla sgzP07
      There is no overtime for full time engineers. Irony is that interns, who are hourly, make more than entry level engineers hence.
      Sep 25
  • Tesla 7383heu3iw
    Depends on team + role. Are you software?
    Oct 17 0


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