DACA illegals sue to ensure they can still use welfare

Microsoft meidij
Sep 17 18 Comments


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  • New / Mgmt

    New Mgmt

    GTFO with that breitbart trash. DACA immigrants pay taxes you know
    Sep 17 6
    • Amazon / Mgmt Db8db4
      @evejobs, so criminals paying taxes should not get prosecuted? So I can rob a bank and pay tax on that income to avoid cops?
      Sep 17
    • New Seong
      @Db8db4 DACA does not mean criminal. Though all DACA are Illegal, not all illegals are DACA. There is a big difference. Those under DACA are illegalized for something they didn't choose to do. They have never committed a crime. They have come into the U.S. by around childhood (the age specifics, I do not remember)

      The better example is when you were 3 years old, you and your mom went grocery shopping. Your mom stole food from the grocery store. Even though at that age you have no idea what is happening. Since you were there at 3 years old, we're going to jail you.

      Those under DACA have come into the US with their parents/legal guardians, but their parents/legal guardian chose to stay after their legal route expired. The reason they chose to stay illegally is not important since those people do not get DACA. But that child/children may not be aware that this has occurred, not understand it, and/or they can't do anything about it. Now if you are 13 years old, what are you gonna do when you find out? Leave your house and family, get a job back in your home country where you don't know the language or people? Likely, they won't be able to survive. The reality is that people under DACA are in this situation regardless of choice.

      So for you to call them criminals is like calling someone a criminal for being kidnapped. It's like telling someone who was raped that they cheated on their partner.
    • Amazon / Mgmt Db8db4
      Or maybe, if we weren't so lenient, the parents would not put their kids in such situations. Can we do a trade? For each DACA to get benefits, their parent would need to get jailed for the crime or banned for life from US, no matter what (no parental immigration and such).

      We have the same crap with S386, people make dumb decisions and expect a foreign (to them) government to make an exception.
    • New Seong

      I agree the problem is how lenient we were. I think we can all agree the system set itself up for these results too. Though the intentions were good.

      The issue of choosing a consequence for such a mass scale is money. For one, there will be too many people in jail and that's expensive. The other issue is, deportation of such as mass is too expensive. Also the ethical issue is that many of these parents chose this for the sake of their children. Depending on the country, they may have come for the sake of survival. Not that it justifies their methods, but can we really criminalize someone for trying to survive? I don't know and still think about it on a case to case scenario.

      I see the only solution to resolve this is asking ourselves, 'Why does everyone want to immigrate into the U.S.?' It's simple. The American Dream. The whole idea of making a better life. Today's global issues have been that same concept on repeat. If there is an issue, leave the situation rather than put in all this effort to fix the situation. The amazon is on fire, the Syrian refugee crisis, and etc.

      People immigrate because there is no interest for their own country and willingness to sacrifice for the sake of building their country. (I gotta admit, China is making this a problem). The Illegal immigration issues and DACA issues center on this idea. Yet in the past this wasn't the case.

      Consider South Korea post-Korean war. The nation was war torn and ranked the #1 impoverished country. The people of South Korea chose to not immigrate but rather rebuilt their country to what it is today.

      I strongly believe that if the people of a country feel safe, can work, and live life, the people will stay. If the people of that nation would rally up and seek to make their nation better. We will not have an immigration problem. This clearly does not happen in today's world which is why the U.S. may consider it desirable to invest in Mexico on the U.S. terms to in a way "fix" mexico. If the reason these people immigrated illegal is resolved, why would they not want to go back to a nation where they have citizenship, benefits, and family.

      I know the concept is idealistic and I have no clue how we would achieve, but this is what I consider a major root of the issue.
    • Amazon / Mgmt Db8db4
      I appreciate your time explaining your points. You do have an idealistic view of the situation.

      I view it from a pragmatic point of view. The US has a very clear process on different types of immigration (including asylum). However, far too many people have abused the system and broke the laws. I cannot support letting them go with no consequences, as it will continue the cycle.

      I do not buy some arguments (like "trying to survive") because they could've been done in a formal fashion.

      Blind compassion breeds suffering. For example, many people got sold on the idea that to get a better life people need to get here illegally via coyotes/caravans/cartels. Many people pay the money and get killed or raped on the way (up to 80% of women and girls).

      Lastly, to get to the original article's point: it is no longer about live and let live. No it is about getting welfare, which, to me, seems obnoxious. Pardon an analogy, but this is a trespasser squatting in your house and demanding breakfast.
  • Twitter jkkugdyh
    How shameful can we get as a country if undocumented residents can’t even use basic benefits?
    Sep 17 4
    • Microsoft meidij
      It’s a shame that we don’t even give food to hungry Africans. The rich should pay their fair share NOW.
      Sep 17
    • Twitter jkkugdyh
      You’re right. A 5% per annum wealth tax on assets above 50M can easily pay to provide food and shelter to every human.
      Sep 17
    • 50M is ridiculous. That's top 0.001% worldwide.

      Hit the top 1% or everyone above 800k net worth with at least 50%
      Sep 17
    • Chase qxWV40
      The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money
      Sep 20
  • Logitech pTxN84
    We should just kick them out if they're gonna cry about everything. Come back legally and you can complain all you want.
    Sep 17 2
    • We should kick out those who complain about those who cry
      Sep 17
    • Logitech pTxN84
      Sep 17
  • Amazon brwl34
    Why doesn’t ICE pick up these illegals from their illegal protests on the street and get them out of our country?
    Sep 17 0
  • MeridianLink / Product XVrn30
    I don't know why we separate residents from non residents. So not fair! Benefits for everyone!
    Sep 17 1
    • Amazon / Mgmt Db8db4
      Yes, let's provide benefits to 7BB people.
      Sep 17