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I really enjoy my work and as a result end up working really long hours. After 2-3 days of being deep on a task/project, I start getting severe chest and left arm pain.

Chiro/massage/yoga solves the problem but are a time sink as I don’t enjoy it and is usually reactive to the problem instead of proactive.

What exercises and stretches do ppl sitting for 16+ hours daily do? How do you remember to do them and build that habit? What helps and what doesn’t?

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  • Walmart.com rand.randm
    Get up and walk after every hour. Make sure your posture is right when you code . Do not try to enter your monitor :-). Use ergonomic furniture. Sit back stretch your legs and lift them making 90 with torso. Stand up and try touching your toes. Stand up just do Normal stretch. Keep a water bottle next to you and take regular sips. And if you have to just take one thing ... do not work 16 hours daily... it is not humanly possible every day without impacting your health. You will suffer in the long run and Uber will replace you without giving it a thought. Use a Parato timer extension when you work. Also do not eat oily foods and drink too much caffeine
    Mar 27 2
    • Uber / Eng SrcOfTruth
      +1 You will suffer in the long run and Uber will replace you without giving it a thought.
      Mar 27
    • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay1
      This is the answer
      Mar 27
  • Uber / Eng SrcOfTruth
    Heart problem? Did you check your blood pressure?
    Mar 27 2
    • Uber oROc10
      Been to the ER a few times initially, everything was clear. Later a chiro solved my problem, there was muscle clot on left side of chest.
      Mar 27
    • Intel / Eng DonaldDD's
      Go back to the chiropractor every month for 3 months and then every 2-3 months for the rest of the year. You will think I am crazy, but thank me later
      Mar 27
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

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    Get a multi-position desk, preferably with at least 3 memory slots (e.g., sit, lean, stand) and lean-on seat. Set timers to force yourself to take a 5-minute walk at least once an hour, and when you come back to your desk, switch your desk to a different height.

    I guarantee you that you will be more productive if you are in the habit of taking breaks than if you try to cram 16 hours nonstop.
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  • Microsoft Romuald
    I use Runtastic Results app to guide me with exercises at home, it really improved my health (had severe back pains caused by spasms of weak muscles).
    Mar 27 0
  • AIG / Product

    AIG Product

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    Get a complete check up done. Discuss with PT for help. Check YouTube also.

    It may even be psychosomatic. When I was a trader, I used to get back spasms due to insane stress. That's easy to treat with mindfulness.
    Mar 27 0