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Microsoft Big Pun
Dec 5, 2018 9 Comments

How can you respect this person?

Reason being that he left Expedia as a CEO to work for another company.


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  • Oath


    CEO is also an employee. An employee wants to switch to another company. Someone from another comapany reached out for a potential job role. If the interviews go well, and offer is accepted, and they join.
    Dec 5, 20184
    • New RzFr15
      Except a ceo earns about 20 times your salary
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Google / MgmtMyBreezy
      “The boss makes a dollar and I make a dime. That’s why I poop on company time.” -Elmo
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Microsoft Big Pun
      CEO is supposed to be the leader that inspires and leads.

      This guy just abandoned everyone at Expedia for extra $.

      Im sure it was a lot of money, but at the end of the day it’s just money.
      Kinda shows you a person’s character.
      Dec 5, 2018
    • Intel Roggik
      Not sure it was for extra dough - he had the richest compensation of any Fortune 500 company before he left.
      Dec 5, 2018
  • Glassdoor BKFp41
    So except CEO, anyone else can readily switch companies ? Don’t get it bro. What’s your TC btw?
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Expedia 🍤tempura
    Dec 5, 20180
  • New RzFr15
    Now that’s a mouthful
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Intel Roggik
    Dec 5, 20180

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