Data Engineer At Facebook pgKC32
Jun 23 11 Comments

How is data engineering at facebook?

Can it lead to a good career path, like is there a good amount to learn and grow?

Specifically Infra Team?

Am i learning new skills on the job that would be valued later on?

Is moving from software engineering to data engineering worth it?

Lateral movement to software engineering at facebook?

Would i be making significant contributions?

Are you a data engineer at facebook? Is your job satisfying? Why / Why not?


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  • Google whrislarry
    I think SWE to data engineering is not worth it. Sure you will always learn new things, but you are essentially killing your worth by moving to DE. If you are interested in pursuing that field for long term, then sure, but just because that would be simpler to get into FB, then don't.
    Jun 23 7
    • Facebook derpd
      TC for DE is significantly less.

      DE is a completely separate role with a separate pipeline, so the interview process is different.
      Jun 23
    • New / Eng PQQw63
      How much less salary DE is compared to SWE at FB?

      I thought DE is SWE with data-related tasks. I mean, they still have to write and maintain production codebase as a SWE.
      Jun 23
    • Oracle cmfmkrri
      Is DE more than Application Eng?
      Jun 23
    • Facebook derpd
      None of the DEs I've worked with have done anything important, mostly just building internal dashboards and such. Some of them don't even write code.

      Not sure of exact TC. I'm guessing salary is the same but stock is 50% of SWE.
      Jun 24
    • VMware *123#
      It sounds awesome then, no stressful job as don't have to write code and on top of that great FB salary.
      Jun 24
  • Amazon Bill.
    Infra team is a SWE role at FB.
    DE is pipelines.
    Jun 23 1
    • Facebook Almostdone
      OP meant infra org, there are all sorts of disciplines in infra
      Jun 23
  • Facebook Almostdone
    Lateral move is not possible, you’d have to re-interview.
    Jun 23 0


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