Data Engineer Onsite FAcebook —-chances

Sony 511indian
Oct 11, 2018 9 Comments

TC/YOE : 225/10 ( not swe, data engineer)
Recently had an onsite with FB for data engineer role.
Can someone from FB help to understand my chances ?
Round 1: interviewer draws a dashboard and we speak about what Is happening in the dashboard.
Finally depending on that moved to SQL.
Could not finish last SQL ( interview went little over time) but whiteboarded the logic. Interviewer left with a smile. He Provided fare number (3-4) of HINTS ( good or bad ?)

Round 2: Interviewer talks about an ETL process and we designed the job flow.
SQL questions from the ETL which I solved quickly.
Then came coding and did in Java but got little blooped as interviewer wanted to code everything in a function and I had same concept using a class.
Poker Face of interviewer throughout. But gave lot of HINTs ( that’s good or bad ?)

Round 3:
Started with a data model for a business case and what dashboards is relevant for the case.
Interviewer pronged a lot but once praised that database design is looking good. Then depending on the model started asking sql. By this time I was stressed out. Solved two sqls but for third one got a brain fart and took longer time. Interviewer left after simplifying my over complicated solution with a smile but FELT like he had more sqls to ask.

Round 4: Behavioral. Senior manager. Poker face. Started asking series of questions.
To save time( and I was very tired) I answered with little details and with keywords similar to FB mission but for one or two questions felt ( post interview) could have done better.

So Q: What do you think #facebook employees on chance of getting offer ?

Did not get asked coding except for one round. Was I slow that round 1 or 3 could not reach to coding ?

What could be better for behavioral ?
—— many thanks.


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Microsoft ihfrdghj
    you fucked up on 4
    Oct 11, 2018 4
    • Sony 511indian
      @ihfrdghj care to elaborate how ?
      Oct 11, 2018
    • Microsoft ihfrdghj
      you answered with little details and tried to shoehorn it into mission. from the description it sounds generic and you don't seem like you displayed you would be a good person to work with
      Oct 11, 2018
    • Sony 511indian
      Got it. Thanks.
      Oct 11, 2018
    • Microsoft ihfrdghj
      that's my take but I hope I'm wrong.
      Oct 11, 2018
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay
    Oct 11, 2018 1
    • Sony 511indian
      Since not many data engineering post here hence avoided tldr
      Oct 11, 2018
  • Capital One / Eng dpXT42
    Did u get it?
    Mar 22 0
  • Genscape ice_cool
    Did you got the offer?
    Nov 14, 2018 0