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Aug 7, 2018 1 Comment

I am currently doing an internship as a data scientist in Azure and I have a few questions

- what level do companies hire data scientists ? I have a masters and about a year of experience and a couple of internships including Microsoft so would it be 59-60 ?

- what kind of TC can I expect compared to soft dev 59-60 if I do get hired ?

- what's the outlook for a data scientist currently in Azure ? I found my internship decent not great but if I were to join full time I see lots of pluses because there is a huge amount of data and there is spark to access it via (spark isn't available right now but will be by the time I join full time) which means I can do a lot of stuff with it - I guess my question is whether a data scientist role has good traction in Microsoft along with career path, growth etc

- my team doesn't currently have a data scientist ( my entire org doesn't) - how does that affect the equation because that means I probably also need to work more on problem definitions, data engineering which although very exciting also is more risky as I am not super experienced yet. I am pretty good at ML, modelling, cleaning and analyzing data but not too experienced in building systems that handle data using complex data warehouses and databases.

- I see huge scope for coming up with papers and/or patents given how little the data has been used - is this generally encouraged in Microsoft/Azure ?

- finally given I do get an offer and decide to join are there some trainings I can go through that would help me better perform at the job ? I will probably join 6 months after the end of the internship so will have time to really prepare.


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