Data analyst => data engineer a natural progression?

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Sep 4 10 Comments

I'm currently looking for jobs as a data analyst and I feel like I've got at least another year before studying before I'd be ready to even think about applying to data engineer roles.

But am I correctt in assuming that the right data analyst jobs will give me at least some data engineering experience? I'm currently interviewing at companies who have mentioned that they are "building their analytics program from the ground up" sounds like a perfect opportunity to me.

Tc: 78k (this is why I'm interviewing lol)
Yoe: 4


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  • Humana edjuh
    The right data analyst job will give you SQL and Python experience, but there’s a lot more to DE. I agree with looking for places starting from the ground up. You’ll want a breadth of experience.

    SWE to DE is a much more natural path. DE requires some knowledge of distributed systems, advanced programming (Java, Scala), knowledge of pros and cons between different DBs and data stores, etc. SWE is more likely imo to gain this information day to day than DA

    I would almost argue DA to data science is more natural (with the right courses or masters).

    You’ll need to do a lot of learning and side project work on your own time, or find a company now that will train you on DE later.

    Sep 4 3
    • Humana edjuh
      Btw I didn’t bring up DS to encourage you to go that route, but to illustrate that DA and DE aren’t incredibly similar.

      Everyone and their brother wants to be a “data scientist”. Not a good time to try to break in imo
      Sep 4
    • New / Data cahoots
      Thanks for your input. I'm definitely planning on putting together some side projects. Makes sense that DS is a more natural path, but I find I really love coding/building things more than anything else.
      Sep 4
    • New / Data vnguyendc
      I disagree with Humana in that it’s still a great time to get into data science. Supply of data scientists is definitely increasing, but the demand is increasing at an exponential rate. However, there is a lower supply of DEs with a very high demand of them.
      Sep 5
  • Kabbage / Data fxnM15
    Harder than you think. You really have to put things in prod. If you do it right, you get the job, if not, you can join the million other “Data Scientists”.
    Sep 7 2
    • New / Data cahoots
      Do you mean put things into production like at my company vs having side projects?

      When I told my manager I see myself as a data engineer in 5 years, he said he thinks that's a feasible growth path for me. He also continued to say that what I described (writing code to work with api's and do ETL) seemed more like "data orchestration" than data engineering. I think it's just semantics though.
      Sep 8
    • Humana edjuh
      Data orchestration isn’t a job. You’re right in saying you want to be a DE.
      Sep 9
  • New / Data Abeez
    I can be a natural progression, if your focus is on the architecture, modeling etc .

    I am in a similar position with a slightly higher comp.

    I am currently trying to decide dat engineer or data science.

    What are you studying?
    Sep 4 1
    • New / Data cahoots
      I'm studying dataquest's data science and data engineer courses. Nothing fancy, but I've learned a lot!
      Sep 4
  • Neurocrine AtinlayBro
    I have friends who moved from DA to DE and from DA to DS. It depends on your choice. But I noticed most people who moved to DE had a CS/IT background or they transitioned internally. Otherwise DS seems a more natural progression. Although be prepared for all the competition you would face in DS, it's much more than DE.
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