Data engineering/ analyst interview

eBay hdijdm12
May 22 3 Comments

On behalf of my friend:

Do ETL / data engineers/ analyst positions in your company have the same interview loop as a regular software engineer in your company?

I have strong ETL experience but I don’t code in Java etc.

I have just been told that my position will be eliminated in 2 months. I am on H1 so clock is ticking...

How do I best prepare for interviews.



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  • Esurance / Data cHdh80
    Leetcode (programming), SQL, Data modeling. Most companies look for these skills in a DE. All the best for your job search.
    May 22 0
  • Lyft alqt61
    I think a lot of companies have at least one CS fundamentals coding loop for DEs. Best prep? Leetcode lol
    May 22 0
  • Data Engineer and analyst are completely different positions.

    You should be really good at at least one major typed language for DE (Java/Scala/Kotlin, Go, C++) and understand concurrency intimately.
    May 23 0