Data scientist Analytics role

May 6 3 Comments

Which companies have Data scientist roles in Analytics domain?
What are the basic qualifications needed?


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  • Cox Communications zoink99
    Lots of companies. Depends on software you are working with. Tableau, MS Analytics, sequel are examples I've seen. Having experience with CRM apps like Salesforce or list/campaign management or Customer research apps (Unica, Marketo, Qualtrics etc) may matter to some orgs depending on part of the business you support and Tools they use. Sequel is a must in my opinion for any good analyst.
    May 6 1
    • New / Data dkPO65
      I think what you are describing is data analysis, data science have much higher requirements.
      May 6
  • Cox Communications zoink99
    It's all blended from what I've seen....but yes, I was providing analyst example skills. The great ones can do it all...and I miss them?
    May 8 0