Data scientist job

Apr 29 4 Comments

I have a master’s degree in Information Management and 1 YOE and wanna enter Data Scientist field in IT companies. What i have is analytics knowledge but i have zero experience in coding.
I am not sure where to start and how much it is going to take to be good enough in coding for Data Scientist.
I have googled what you need to have to be a Data Scientist, but many websites or youtube show different information.
What are the needs for being Data Scientist...?


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  • ConocoPhillips blasé
    Learn python + numpy + pandas. Learn R if you have time / interest
    I don’t have tips for getting jobs but you must know python (or R).
    Apr 29 0
  • Yahoo / Eng DunderM
    Statistics and coding.
    Apr 29 0
  • Credit Sesame an0nm00se
    A python data science MOOC and at the same time read as much python fundamentals from free online sources starting with the python language tutorial that python has on its site. Data structures and Algos are important even as a data scientist. In your free time read as many medium python/data science articles as possible.
    Apr 29 0
  • Amazon kgr47hf
    Take one of the python for data science moocs.
    Apr 29 0