Databricks Amsterdam

Twitter jlOb25
Nov 3 15 Comments

Looking to start my interview loops soon.

Can anyone tell me about the work environment at the Databricks office in Amsterdam? Any differences from the San Francisco HQ for eng roles? Is the pay competitive against Uber/Netflix/Booking?

How are the Billing Infra / Dev Tools / Runtime / Workflow teams?


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  • Pay wise, uber and databricks are in the same bracket, booking is not and is a shit company
    Nov 3 2
    • / IT
      Queueue IT

      Google, Uber
      Darabricks paying more is news to me. I hear their salaries are comparable but their TC is lower.

      I make around 110K TC with 5 YOE. How much would Databricks offer?
      Nov 3
    • Databricks duhhhhhh
      If you include equity, I think Databricks pay significantly higher than what you are making.
      Nov 3
  • Uber fIiE48
    I interviewed at Databricks AMS. Honestly, I did not like the environment.
    Nov 3 3
    • Twitter jlOb25
      Anything specifically? or bad vibes in general?
      Nov 3
    • Uber fIiE48
      Yes, some of the interviewers were super cool, but in general I did not like the vibes. But it might be just a personal thing. So you should check it out. Also, I do think it’s probably one of the most technology challenging jobs you can find in AMS or in EU, so you should definitely give it a try. πŸ˜ƒ
      Nov 3
    • Me too. I also didn’t like the recruiter.
      Nov 3
  • The food wasn’t good in Databricks when I visited their office last time
    Nov 3 1
    • Databricks DDFV72
      We have a new catering company since a few weeks and it's much better now
      Nov 4
  • Intel 1090SC
    Databricks is having a difficult time with (sustained) Monetization of their platform. The culture is spotty and designed to get the core founding team very wealthy... they are super aggressive also.

    The vibes are mixed.
    Nov 13 2
    • Twitter jlOb25
      Is this based on hearsay or personal experience?
      Nov 14
    • Databricks Sparkitup
      This is definitely hearsay. We are growing revenue at an insane clip.
      Nov 14
  • Netflix doesnt have eng roles in Amsterdam as far as i know
    Nov 3 0
  • Databricks pieter
    We are growing like crazy revenue wise.
    Nov 16 1


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