Dating, Work and LeetCode

McAfee JohnMcPee
Sep 12 17 Comments

When the day has come to a close
And you are so weary after work
You gotta see the movie she chose
The prep is like the IPO of WeWork

You can't seem to do LeetCode
For she is always on your mind
You then accept the status quo
And hope your interviewers be kind

How are you guys juggling all of this?
The trio of work, dating and LeetCode
It feels harder than defeating ISIS
As time passes, I feel like a leaf node

Would all the prep and the extra TC
Be really worth it in the end?
For grinding LeetCode ain't so easy
On weekday nights or the weekend

And as each day whizzes past you
The questions asked get harder
I really don't know what to do
I guess I'll just trap rain water

Seriously though, how are you guys doing it?

TC: (the number of characters in extended ASCII)k

PS: Trolls are always welcome.


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Microsoft UMbR31
    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    Baby I'm traversing trees all night
    To get that magical TC all for you
    Sep 12 0
  • Micro Focus / Eng hellabro
    It’s difficult. When I was seriously preparing for interviews my girlfriend at the time didn’t understand why I was always so busy. She eventually decided that she didn’t feel appreciated or got enough attention so she broke up with me. This is partly my fault, but I tried my best to balance dating with the leetcode grind. Unless you’re both a Chad and a 10x rockstar engineer, you’ll have to decide which aspect of your life you want to excel in. Inevitably the other aspect will suffer.
    Sep 12 3
    • Cerner / Eng Zenobia
      I am going through something similar. I do take out time to talk/meet guys, but what they think I am boring kind of person who doesn’t have any hobbies. TBH sometimes I was short on topics to talk since I didn’t knew what was going around in the world like new movies or TV series. This has came even from guys who are in IT and non interested to get into FAANG. So I decided to pause dating until I get into FAANG.

      During interview prep months, I am only able to work, cook to eat healthy and prep. I take least interest in other things.
      Sep 12
    • Taylor Farms azerty_
      Center, i would improve on grammar as well
      Sep 12
    • Google tc=10e-1
      Certer, I would improve on spelling as well
      Sep 12
  • Microsoft fabH68
    The thing I’m coming to realize is this career is really not setup for people that want to have any kind of life. I was a lot better at it before I was in a relationship or had any kind of social life or any hobbies.
    Sep 12 1
  • Uber / Field Ops

    Uber Field Ops

    Amazon, Google, Facebook
    Or date a nerd. My husband and I have spent most of dating and married life nerding it out together.
    Sep 12 0
  • Adobe fngstained
    Your solution has minor gaps where things don't quite rhyme as they should. Rejected without any hints, and banned from interviewing here for the next 100 years.
    Sep 12 0
  • Amazon newAz
    Impressive. How much time do you have?
    Sep 12 0
  • Cruise Automation / Eng ⛸️
    at one point in the not so distance past i had to juggle:
    - underperforming at work
    - dating my bf
    - dealing with drama in a friend group my bf and I were in
    - looking for a new job

    drama chilled out then work and i mutually parted ways.
    So all i did was interview, study, interview a crapton more, and spend a shitton of time with my bf while doing these things.

    with an ex i started dating him by cramming leetcode with him. I attribute my strong algo skills to him. (i spent a lot more time this time around focusing on front-end and system design interviews.)
    Sep 13 0
  • New Loliet
    Great poet
    Sep 12 0
  • Oracle / Eng aham
    Bruh same thing on my mind

    Kudos to you for still dating during the job hunt process. Not everyone can do this!
    Sep 12 0
  • Capital One

    Capital One

    Hello, I like turtles.
    This is gold.
    Sep 12 0
  • Amazon göktürk
    what u mean prep like WeWrk IPO?

    TC worth it then u get sugar babies and hos who do wtf u say
    Sep 12 1
    • New / Strategy Porsche996
      Wework keeps valuation so stupid and it has gotten to the point no one is buying it.
      Sep 12
  • Apple fullCircle
    You need to spend all that time to leetcode and gtfo of mcafee.
    Sep 12 0


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