Dealing with Burnout?

Riot Games zHnLmf
Jun 17 3 Comments

How common is Burnout in the gaming industry? What are the best ways to combat it?


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  • Spotify hsiaiu8181
    I'm astonished that you work at Riot and don't know how common burnout is in the games industry... the industry in which you work.

    It's incredibly common. The best ways to combat are to work at companies that limit crunch. Blizzard, Bungie are good examples of low/no crunch culture.
    Jun 17 1
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      Riot is relatively low crunch in my opinion given my experience there and generally burnout is probably lower than most game companies. Even so, burnout happens for different reasons for different people and different points in their lives. It took me 5 years to feel a bit burnt out in games while I feel burnt out in less than a year at my current job.
      Jun 17
  • Riot Games .l
    A lot of entitled folks here who work a 38 hour week and feel burned out.
    Jun 27 0