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Dealing with snide co-workers

New / EngufJz68

I work in a company that has two stratas. Ivy-leaguers doing this after they made money on wall st or trust fund babies. There is a lower caste of engineers, customer service and low-level account reps. The upper caste likes to to throw shade sometimes. I am the top performer on my team and have single handledly enabled millions of revenue yet when they hear I don't belong to the same group of people, I get shitty comments and generally excluded from decisions. The cycle is self-perpuating.

What to do?


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  • Amazon / EngGQXY27
  • Zymergen / Engwe hiring!
    The crowd you're trying to get in with doesn't sound fun but wealth and privilege is always going to be elusive and unfair. If you weren't born with it, don't expect it to just magically welcome you just because you got older and started a career. Why do you think you making someone else millions in revenue is the same as them making millions for themselves?
    • Williams Lea Tag / MktgGayDude
      Brilliant comment ! Thank you !
  • Yelp leinglo
    If you’re not learning new things: leave
  • Microsoft cout<<
    Single handedly? You build the whole product and sold it managed the commerce...skeptical how single handedly it was.
  • Apple procto
    It probably still beats the road crew. If the pay is good, collect the biweekly paychecks and hang out with the people you do like.
  • Cisco / OpsCiscoNewb
    Ignore and leave.

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