Dear SalesForce

Microsoft widbfbrh
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Never met a more unprofessional group of dumbf**cks in MY life. WTF is your hiring bar? Seriously the dumbest people I have ever talked to EVER.

This guy claimed to be a VP of customer something or other, he was dumber than a box of rocks. Then I looked him up on LinkedIn and 3 years ago he was a Business Program Manager at some no-name company. How do you go from a nobody company with a nobody title to being a VP at Salesforce? I know how....his shoes were untied....

After I looked up everybody I met on LinkedIn, EVERYBODY at Salesforce is from a total “nobody-company” - nobody from FAANG, nobody with any real relevant big-company experience. One lady was a director at a startup that nobody’s heard of.

Note to self - If you want a huge inflated bs title at Salesforce, pretend to be a “somebody” at a company of 5 people. They’ll just scooooop you up!

This is why you will lose the long race. Give out CRM’s to people for a bit, but it won’t help if you have such idiots running around.

I used to think Salesforce was a competitor to Microsoft and one Dynamics offerings. Not anymore! You guys couldn’t find your way out of a wet paper bag if the bag broke just like your daddy’s cond0m.

Microsoft people are like GENIUSES compared to these people, and that’s saying a lot because there are lots of idiots at Microsoft. But, not Salesforce retar**ed.

Selling all my Salesforce stock. You girls won’t be around in 10 years.

“Hey remember when everybody was a makeup VP and didn’t know shit at that one company Salesforce?” - bar talk, circa 2028

And no, I’m not a reject candidate, but by your standards, I should be able to come in straight as your next CEO.

TC: $840k
YOE: 25


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  • Microsoft / Other

    Microsoft Other

    Moosejaw, Google
    Beware of elves
    Show us on the doll where they hurt you.
    Jan 28 2
    • New


      Lmao ...only few comments makes you actually laugh instead of just exhaling from your nose with a smile
      Jan 28
    • New / Eng dotslash
      So damn true ^^
      Jan 28
  • Google JohnMcPop2
    Chill dude.

    You went ape shit.
    Jan 28 1
  • Salesforce rcno01
    Are you okay?

    You didn't like one employee out of thousands, so what? And what is this elitism? Like if all people need to come from FAANG to be at least decent.

    Every company has people you will not get along with, including Microsoft and it certainly doesn't mean the company is trash.

    We have a good product, we are a good team, our company has a good culture and pays reasonably well. Stop spreading BS based on one anecdote.
    Jan 28 6
    • Salesforce BlindedByU
      Even you know that's not true. Chill. Dude.
      Jan 28
    • Google Bor
      OP is clearly trolling or simply out of their mind. "I do more at a company like Microsoft in one day than somebody at Salesforce dreams of doing in a year.", I've worked at both companies and can definitely say the reverse is more likely, Salesforce is a lot more lean and agile. Much less bearucracy there.
      Jan 28
    • Salesforce / Eng Benion
      OP is not trolling for the most part, crazy title inflation and shitty engineers at Salesforce is a real thing - I deal with that everyday.
      Jan 30
    • Microsoft gonfishin
      Benion - I’m sorry, you explore any roles at Microsoft? I’ll refer you.
      Jan 30
    • Salesforce / Eng Benion
      Thanks for the offer. I am just waiting for the VISA transfer for another company.
      Jan 30
  • Airbnb da heck yo
    This post is hilarious because Salesforce actually is terrible but at the same time OP went way too hard
    Jan 28 0
  • Microsoft X9pl12
    I’ll go out on a limb and say they probably aren’t as dumb as you think they are.
    Jan 28 0
  • Salesforce / Eng thrbdragns
    Seems like salesforce made a wise decision rejecting you.
    Jan 31 1
    • Microsoft Jeph Bezos
      Can I get an amen?! OP is psychotic.
      Jan 31
  • Salesforce lawshaun
    OP is a reject, an asshole, and a dumbass.

    Nobody would be that angry and bitter about a company and the people who work for it unless they tried and failed to get a job at the company. OP also talks about the low ‘hiring bar’. Interesting.

    OP is an asshole, because they said “you “girls” won’t be around in 10 years”. Is being a girl a bad thing? Is everybody at Salesforce a young female? No, and no.

    OP is a dumbass, because Salesforce has hired many people from FAANG and many people from Microsoft. A quick LinkedIn search will show you that, hun.
    Feb 8 0
  • Salesforce trolll
    You probably are trying for the sales team where vp titles are given out like Halloween candy
    Jan 28 0
  • Evernote bakbak🐔
    I honestly hate the whole no name company at last role thing. What, so you’re dumb if you don’t start at a popularly named company or one of the FAANG? It’s one thing to say you spoke with em and they clearly didn’t know anything (valid) but then to say “oh yup suspicions confirmed they worked somewhere I’ve never heard of. They must be bat shit stupid!” is pretty ignorant. Lots of ppl start wherever.
    Jan 28 4
    • Microsoft widbfbrh
      We all started somewhere, but I never claimed I knew how to work the top 1% when I was working as a barista at Starbucks.
      Jan 28
    • Evernote bakbak🐔
      Were they working as a barista at starbucks before? Or were they also a VP of a no name start up? There’s a big difference. If the former or equivalent I see your point
      Jan 28
    • Microsoft widbfbrh
      100% of 0 is still 0.

      Being a VP of a company of 10 people is still 0.

      So then you talk a big talk and maybe Salesforce is impressed by that kind of thing. I’m not.
      Jan 29
    • Microsoft torched9
      Yeah, I get that OP.

      I worked with a guy that kept saying he was a CIO at his last company.

      His last company was 4 friends that knew how to set up a quick LLC that did nothing.

      I know how that goes. Inflated titles don’t help anybody.
      Feb 8
  • Oracle OjjK44
    You crazy
    Jan 28 0
  • Salesforce / Eng Benion
    Although OP has gone extreme, but there is a lot of truth to what OP is saying. Some facts that I have seen in Salesforce engineering org:
    1. We have more VP of Engineering than SDE1 (we call it AMTS). Salesforce people can validate that in OrgChart tool
    2. Titles are super inflated. Every 4th engineer is a principal engineer (PMTS). Again OrgChart can prove that.
    3. Quality of engineering and hiring standard are poor. Because of shit pay, we don't get to keep good engineering and we can hardly match comp for great outside hires.
    4. We hardly have managers and senior manager titles, everyone in management will have Director title most of the time with like 3-5 direct reports. Director these days is front line manager.

    Most of the people I know here are just cruising for two reasons a) They can't get a better job outside b) they are settled and don't have motivation for career growth.

    Don't believe me, go to Linkedin and search people from Salesforce with the above titles, you will know yourself. Happy to provide more details to people who disagrees.
    Jan 30 1
    • Salesforce bff
      Sfdc is not in league of FANG in terms of talent quality, but it does have good people with some exceptions. The type of people are same or somewhat better than those at other tier 2 tech companies. Title inflation varies by team
      Jan 30
  • Microsoft Jeph Bezos
    For someone claiming to make 840k, you’re certainly bitter brah.
    Jan 28 0
  • Salesforce savegame
    Somewhat off topic, but it's really funny to me that people that work on big companies look down on people who worked at start ups, and people who worked at start ups look down on people who work at big companies. I've worked for both kinds, and good people are good people.

    Anyways, I'm sorry you're so angry at Salesforce. We're a big company. No doubt that there are idiots and aholes here. Too bad that's who you met. I promise we have good ones here too. We buy so many companies that there must be some good teams that snuck in!
    Jan 28 4
    • Microsoft widbfbrh
      I appreciate your comment.

      But you’re grossly outgunned for scalability and understanding how to get business done in a company with over 150k employees. Smaller company people think the world is 15 people they talk to to get shit done.

      Try curating relationships with 1000+ people and knowing who to influence to get a project pushed.

      You don’t learn that in a tiny company where the CEO walks around with pizza parties on Fridays.
      Jan 29
    • Salesforce whorizon
      25 years in industry and still so ignorant ! Amazing.
      Jan 29
    • Microsoft widbfbrh
      I think when you work at a winning company like Microsoft, a little arrogance goes with the territory.
      Jan 30
    • Salesforce / Eng Benion
      Imaging if we were able to hire top engineering talent from FANG, don't you think we would be much much better at managing our infrastructure. Did you know that we still have commands written in excel sheets that our data center guys copy and paste during release - what a joke.
      Jan 30
  • Microsoft Jeph Bezos
    Op is an arrogant fuck. “I do more in one day at MSFT than people do in a year at Salesforce.” Sure you do! That’s why after 25 years of experience you can’t crack a mil. If you were even somewhat decent, you’d be senior leadership by now. I would feel sad for you, but pretty sure you live in la la land anyway. Good luck on your next 25 years, lol
    Jan 29 0
  • MathWorks CHop75
    what in the world did they do to you
    Jan 28 0
  • Qualtrics / PR
    rm -rf ~/

    Qualtrics PR

    Microsoft, Qualtrics
    rm -rf ~/more
    I bet OP doesn't know who Richard Socher is.
    Jan 29 1
    • Microsoft widbfbrh
      What’s your point? I have Google.
      Jan 29
  • Salesforce lawshaun
    Sorry you didn’t get an offer. I suggest resubmitting you resume in 12-18 months.
    Feb 8 0
  • Salesforce tc o gtfo
    Fentanyl is bad for you
    Jan 31 0
  • Microsoft MMKy42

    I did sell all my Salesforce stock today, though...
    Jan 28 0
  • Amazon deafears
    Colin Powell and Susan Wojcicki serve on the board of directors for Salesforce.
    Jan 28 1
    • Is that something to brag about? No
      Jan 28