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IBM tvB4gd7
May 7 5 Comments

Each FAANG has thousands of positions open in any given city. Google is planning to add 10-15k people in NYC, Apple plans to add 15k new jobs in Austin, Microsoft and Amazon are fighting for talent in Seattle, the Bay Area is a cluster f*ck.

How do they staff all those positions while keeping the hiring bar so high? I keep hearing about a shortage of engineers but lots of other companies are mimicking the FAANG process too.

I would expect interviews to be more relaxed in an environment where companies had a shortage of engineers.


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  • LinkedIn cd-
    It is relaxed..sort of..

    FANG recruiters sending out interview study guide is how they communicate the hiring bar. Meet this bar and you can come work with us.
    May 7 2
    • Cerner ex-Ex
      Are you saying each interview has custom study guide, or more of general guide which can be like study Data Structures, Algorithms, etc. which are very broad topics.
      May 7
    • IBM tvB4gd7
      Telling somebody where the bar is doesn’t make it relaxed.

      In any other field if a company had 6,000 open positions in a single city I’d expect anybody could walk in, prove moderate competence, and get the job.

      But what I’m seeing is these companies want to fill all 6,000 roles with a top 1% candidate and the math there just doesn’t add up.
      May 7
  • Apple / Eng xUEdsjT
    Google is adding 10k-15k people in a single city? Source?
    May 7 1


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