Deployment Strategist at Palantir

Chase dimondash
Aug 2 4 Comments

i just wrapped up my onsight interview at Palantir for a deployment strategist. can anyone tell me more about this role and what the next steps would be? fingers crossed.


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  • Tesla / Manufacturing melonusk
    If you passed the on-site, you'll likely get an interview or two with the hiring manager or lead, likely to be just a culture and "get to know each other" type of conversation. Then an offer or rejection after that.

    Source: have an offer for a operations analyst role and completed my interview a few months ago
    Aug 2 2
    • Chase dimondash
      Did you end up getting the offer? Why or why did you not take it?
      Aug 5
    • Tesla / Manufacturing melonusk
      Yes I got an offer. dm me if you want to know more
      Aug 5
  • SolarWinds AnEngineer
    "Deployment strategist" is what they call external consultants because Palantir thinks they're fancy.
    Aug 2 0