Designing data intensive or Grokking the System Design



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Mar 16 4 Comments

SDE-1 trying to gain a better perspective of tackling Design interviews. Planning to purchase either one of them. Which book gives the best RoI as well as structures your prep?

Essentially looking for a good add-on to System Design Primer


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  • New / Mgmt VSwf01
    Both, I just started reading DDIA, it's an easy read it doesn't really teachsystem design, it describes the low level of data infrastructures which will help you in making choices when designing systems. I'm yet to study grokking but will in a week.
    Mar 16 1
    • Indeed / Eng tg4664d
      Lol at easy read. If you really want to understand in detail you have to think and grasp a lot. By no means easy read for SDE1
      Mar 16
  • Google billgets
    Both are not perfect. Websites are operated by someone who does not have industry experience
    Mar 16 1
    • New / Mgmt VSwf01
      Nothing is perfect tho, anything else you can add?
      Mar 16


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