Diagnosed with cancer on H1B visa. What to do ?

Palo Alto Networks 😭😭😭😭😭-
Jul 2 55 Comments

Have wife and kids
Family to support in india.

Hard to attend current job with treatment. In future i donno anyone would hire me for software development.

Is this the life ? I had everything. TC: 380K, beautiful wife and kids. I just dont have time.


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  • Microsoft falcon
    Sorry to hear OP - I think you should focus on your health and your family. Your career will be there for you when you are ready to come back.
    Jul 2 0
  • New SgJq15
    Change your eating and general life habits if you want to get out of this alive. What type of cancer?
    Jul 2 14
    • New SgJq15
      nobody really cares what you've read, this isn't about you but you are saying chemo and the conventional treatments is all you should do because eating burgers and fries for breakfast lunch and dinner is irrelevant. Is that the jist of your suggestion?
      Jul 2
    • Cisco / Eng JaredDunn
      Can you even read? Did you read anything that I said earlier? Is your suggestion that eating burgers and fries causes cancer?

      So, your suggestion is that stop eating those foods and magically cancer gets cured. What if OP never ate burgers and fries regularly?

      It is gene mutations that cause cancer, once they mutate lifestyle change won’t reverse the effects. There are multitude of cancer therapies, like gene therapy, chemo, radiation, surgery and so on.
      Jul 2
    • New SgJq15
      I am wondering if you are purposely dense or it's just you being yourself. Let me spell this out again: Changing your habits to a healthier and more health conducive life style has shown to help people beat cancer. I don't know the OP so I am making no judgement about what those changes should be. I am stating that in order to stay alive, you need to exercise every option available to you now, not tomorrow or the day after.

      You stubbornly keep banging out useless anecdotes of some shit you may have read that doesn't suggest anything besides the thing that the doctor will tell the OP anyway.
      Jul 2
    • Cisco / Eng JaredDunn
      Right. Your prognosis is eating 🍔 and 🍟 causes cancer and you can reverse it by changing lifestyle.

      😂, now who is dense.
      Jul 3
    • New SgJq15
      ^^ may want to check yourself for brain tumors 🥳
      Jul 3
  • Seagate toti420
    All people who are reading this should take a moment to truly appreciate life and be content with and grateful for whatever you have. Life is very unpredictable and precious. OP, we all wish you a quick turnaround to a healthy life again. Right now focus on your health, wife, kids, and other loved ones! Best of luck!! Amen!
    Jul 2 0
  • Amazon / Product

    Amazon Product

    You don't have to disclose anything about it in the future to employers. I understand your situation, DM me if you want.
    Jul 2 0
  • Spark Central PhzS28
    Sending prayers and good wishes your way. I hope you get better soon
    Jul 2 0
  • Cisco amznoin
    Relax , just a phase , it will pass. Just focus on getting well soon
    Jul 2 2
    • Amazon I5swfi
      Cancer is just a phase?
      Jul 2
    • Goldman Sachs oh!
      Yeah, you didn't hear 'amznoin' here can just walk it off.
      Jul 2
  • Apple / Eng

    Apple Eng

    Just an another engineer. Hoping to find a few friends here :)
    Please don't lose hope. Give enough focus to your treatment and health. You will survive this challenge for sure!
    Jul 2 0
  • New


    full0 metal0 alchemist0000
    I feel really bad for you. You must have worked extremely hard to be in this great position with family & career shouldering these responsibilities.
    This cancer is a roadblock but I really wish you all the success and hope you get past this friend.
    I don't have specific advice but I hope somebody with experience of surviving this on H1B Visa and how to get company healthcare can help with advice. I'll also ask my friends and add more if I can get better advice.
    Also please don't worry much about work. Yes you'll have to take a step back for a while but we'll all be willing to help you with referrals & getting back on track. So please focus on getting well & family. Hope you get good support from company and healthcare.
    Jul 2 0
  • Tableau rPTF00
    I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few years back. Treatment and getting back to ‘normal’ took about a year. I took some sick time during treatment but continued working. Depending on what type of treatment plan your doctor recommends, it’s definitely possible to continue working and most companies will work with you. My boss was amazingly understanding and flexible throughout.
    Jul 2 0
  • Cisco / Eng JaredDunn
    @OP, please don’t worry about the future job prospects and focus on getting better. I believe your current job will not be under jeopardy because of your illness. I’ve had two colleagues at Cisco who went through cancer treatments and their managers were fully supportive. US labor laws do favor employees who are out sick.
    Jul 2 0
  • Taylor Farms azerty_
    Terribly sorry to hear that! What are your options? Go back or stay? Can you attend treatments back home?
    You can get paid leave from your employer for reasons like this.
    Be strong!!
    Jul 2 0
  • Square mkfi54
    Cancer is curable. Hope you come out of this stronger.
    Events like this give a great perspective on life as a whole. Heck, I am reevaluating my choices about chasing TC. don’t worry about your job as long as you have the money. Take a job with a lower pay and better WLB and good benefits - the health benefits will be very useful to get you cured and healthy again without massively affecting your financially.

    And have fun.

    I am agnostic w.r.t religion and god, but I ll pray now for you, just in case there is actually a God that can help you.
    Jul 2 0
  • Cisco / Eng JaredDunn
    Don’t give up hope, fight on. You can beat it.
    As you know cancer is not a single decease but a spectrum of deceases. There have been several advancements in cancer treatment , my prayers are with you for a full recovery.

    Just finished reading an amazing book by the foremost oncologist in the US, DR. Siddhartha Mukherjee, which made me realize how precious life is and we need to cherish every moment we have.

    Jul 2 0
  • Indeed UYDX18
    I’m terribly sorry. I hope you’ll get better soon.

    Please don’t worry about work. I’m sure you can get many referrals on blind in the future. Focus on beating this shit and never give up! You can always DM if you need someone to talk to.
    Jul 2 1
    • Amazon / Eng charlesk
      There is humankind on blind, likewise OP , if you need someone to talk to, I'm here , don't hesitate to reach out.
      Jul 2
  • Nutanix 爱 me
    Fk job. Live your live to the fullest, since you know you have less time.
    Jul 2 1
    • CVS Health Canada🇨🇦
      Dude, how do you know OP has less time!
      Jul 2
  • Amazon / Eng charlesk
    Also , I see lot of scum on blind, blessed to see such considerate and compassionate people here. Thank you all for the humanity. ☮️
    Jul 2 0
  • Cisco xandercage
    Consider life as a full package. You have to go through every bit of it. Fight on and be strong. Sometimes you need to take a step back. Don’t loose hope. Our prayers will be with you and your family.
    Jul 2 0
  • Amazon opWH45
    I haven’t experienced it directly but close family members went through it. I wish you the best and remember that your mind plays an important role here. Think positive. You got this.
    Jul 4 0
  • PayPal theniceguy
    I’m deeply saddened to hear this. I really wish a recovery path forward for you. Lots of hope and prayers.
    Jul 3 0
  • AMD


    Intel Corporation
    I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully your current employer is understanding and you can still keep your job working less hours or taking some medical leave. Best wishes!!!! (On the bright side, you likely have access to some of the best cancer treatment centers in the world, between UCSF and Stanford.)
    Jul 3 0


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