Did being a woman make it easier for Elizabeth Holmes to perpetuate the fraud?

New / Eng b42ba837-
Jan 26 13 Comments

I feel like investors and the media wanted to see a woman among top tech founders so badly, they overlooked obvious red flags. I believe it would be harder for a man to get so far with this fraudulent scheme.


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  • Microsoft Big Pun
    Ever heard of Bernie Madoff?
    Jan 26 4
    • Uber / Design bromance
      Men have carried on far bigger scams for far longer - Bernie being one of the biggest scammers
      Jan 27
    • Google YfqG77
      Yes but he had to work harder at that scam. Holmes was helped along by the media that was desperate for a crusader woman Steve jobs. Sigh. Don't try to cite examples just for the sake of equality
      Feb 4
    • Microsoft Big Pun
      Dont bring halfassed assumptions either. You have no idea how hard madoff worked and how hard Holmes worked at anything.

      Her idea and potential for the product was what helped the con, not that she was a woman.
      Feb 5
    • Google YfqG77
      Nope, most of her media coverage was about how she's battling stereotypes. Just go back and read those articles!
      Feb 5
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  • Expedia Shrugs_
    If anything, it would make it harder for her.
    Jan 26 0
  • New / Mgmt

    New Mgmt

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    Yeah, I find it unbelievable how much really good looks covers up so many flaws. And I think it starts with the Investors. As hard as they try, there will be some part of a man’s brain that just blurts out yes. It’s a given in sales.
    Feb 23 1
    • LinkedIn tendies
      Legit. Good looking = tons of money. Ugly = you better have good luck
      Mar 24
  • Google / Ops Huhf13
    Yes, but I think it's a minor influence. It's more physical attractiveness, charisma, boldness, and complete sociopathy
    Jan 27 0
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  • Microsoft stylerZ
    Jan 27 0