Did you have your kid circumcised at birth?

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Sep 6 41 Comments

Also please mention your reasoning behind your decision.

It is not so common in my home country - so I didn't know much about it. But he will be born/living in US. So I want to do the right thing by him/his future.



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  • Bloomberg Law ChuckTodd
    An archaic practice, and surgical mutilation.

    An obscenity, touted for cleanliness (perhaps when there were no showers and baths for only the wealthy), 'to look like' and so on.

    Dancing machinations of the ill informed, punishing themselves in generational, circled lock.

    Sep 6 3
    • Bloomberg


      Why so salty? Just vote and stfu
      Sep 6
    • Cisco / Eng
      x x

      Cisco Eng

      x xmore
      Why so salty?
      Sep 6
    • Microsoft Vbsm66
      He probably was circumcised against his will
      Sep 6
  • Morgan Stanley laqO38
    Yes, circumcised kids for sure.
    It’s cleaner, and looks better - there are enough studies showing how it helps lower several different infection/disease risks.

    Is it mutilation - sure, why not.
    So are earrings and tattoos - I’m not against those either.
    Sep 6 9
    • Salesforce


      Netflix, Google
      OHANA GANGmore
      You should cite some of those studies. Vaguely referring to the existence of unspecified studies without citing them is weaselly and makes other people do your work for you.

      If you have scientific material to present, cite it. If you don't, don't mention it all. You don't get to sit on a call option for whether or not your claims are empirically supported in the scientific literature.
      Sep 6
    • Microsoft zunekin
      It’s the same as an earring or tattoo? No at all. You take an earring out and it heals. You can remove a tattoo. You can’t get your foreskin re-added to your penis.
      Sep 6
    • Flagged by the community.

    • Morgan Stanley laqO38
      Dear Micro(penis)soft,
      Thanks for your concern.
      So far the minimized version of sex is working great for me - keep the bois and the cum glans- I’m good.
      Sep 6
    • Microsoft f(){f|f&}f
      Top cryptologists are working 24/7 to decipher what the fuck you just said
      Sep 6
  • Twitter jkkugdyh
    Genital mutilation is a abhorrent whether it’s a male of female. Can’t believe it’s still accepted under the guise of religion or culture
    Sep 6 4
    • Microsoft wwivsr
      Comparing female genital mutilation and male circumcision is so disingenuous and it’s why this thread can’t have good discussion.
      Sep 6
    • Lockheed Martin / R&D Schz3
      There are many different types of female circumcision. It’s disingenuous to lump. them all together.

      Some are radical where they remove the entire inner labia, clit and clitoral hood. In others, all they do is trim back the clitoral hood, which is JUST like male circumcision .
      Sep 6
    • Microsoft wwivsr
      I don’t claim to know enough about female genital mutilation to have any real debate. I don’t think male circumcision is barbaric in the slightest.
      Sep 6
    • Lockheed Martin / R&D Schz3
      Have that conversation with a child who has it done at an age old enough to remember, say 9, with no anesthesia.
      Sep 6
  • Microsoft


    Coming from Europe, I really don’t get why this is necessary at all.
    Sep 6 0
  • Lockheed Martin / R&D Schz3
    Disclosure: I am circed. My adult son is not. I gave him a choice once he was old enough to choose for himself.

    Lots of neurons lost. If you are male, think about how much sensation you get from your foreskin during sex.

    It is accurate that the greater amount of skin surface area means somewhat higher chance of picking up an STI, but one should be using barrier protection anyway if when having sex outside a monogamous LTR. This reduces the small additional risk to non measurable .

    The lone study about partners of uncircumcised having higher rates of cervical cancer from the 50s did not correct for promiscuity. The circumcised populations in that oft cited study was heavily biased towards a sexually conservative Jewish population, that had a lower exposure rate to HPV, the real culprit. Many later studies have refuted the conclusion of that one study.

    Bottom line is why make the choice for your child before they have a voice? Let them decide when they are older. Put away the money you save by not having it done. By the time the child is 18 the fund will be large enough to pay for elective surgery if they choose to have it.
    Sep 6 2
    • Mutual of Omaha / Finance qwerty7523
      If I didn't have it at birth I'd opt out... I can't imagine being old enough to decide for myself and dealing with the pain. That being said I am and so are my 2 boys
      Sep 9
    • Lockheed Martin / R&D Schz3
      That hardly seems fair to any of you. Sorry to hear
      Sep 9
  • Cruise Automation canaryAtCz
    True story: Made out with a girl in a bar, took her home, about to have sex. She stopped me because I am not circumcised.

    Repeated one other time. Both occasions with white girl.

    My advice: you better circumcised your kid if you/your kid plan to stay in US.

    (Disclaimer: I am not marrried nor have kids)
    Sep 6 8
    • If your kid is gay, foresking will make hin more appealing in the US. Way more!
      Sep 6
    • American Express D.BCooper
      This is the answer I was looking for. Most US women like it clean cut. Getting turned down is a bit harsh though.
      Sep 6
    • So basically since there are some girls doesn't like the foresking , you will prevent your kid of extra pleasure?

      Now I understand why FANGs are filled with non Amreicans. You must have a boring sex!!!
      Sep 6
    • Guidewire ooooou
      This is just so stupid.
      Sep 6
    • Oracle anon@3
      LOL. So she stopped to inspect it??

      Bro, it wasn't the foreskin that turned her off
      Sep 7
  • Microsoft Queasy
    You should have asked where people are from. Tech community are not a representative sample of US population, as majority are recent immigrants.
    Sep 6 1
    • TripAdvisor owlwise
      Also most here are indians who do not circumcised.
      Sep 6
  • New / Eng R162
    Came to the US when I was 6. Have dated mainly white women (and am in a long term committed relationship with one now) and have not had 1 problem. They have all sucked/fucked it and even played with the foreskin and loved it, you just have to ease into it and make sure it is always clean! They all tell me that the extra back and forth friction from the foreskin inside them during penetration is amazing. That old belief that you have to have a circumcised dick in the US is dying off and it is becoming more acceptable to be uncut nowadays. I can cum just from BJs and can confidently attribute that to the extra nerve endings and daily protection at the glans from my foreskin. Oh and for the haters and smegma people, I never have a keratinized head and don’t require lube to get myself going lol! Tl;dr uncut and have been with many American and ethnic women with nothing but success. 0 fucks given.
    Sep 6 0
  • I have seen many penis. My preference is uncut. They look better, they look healthier and they are way more sensitive.

    Just go to a naturist beach and compare how dmaged is the gland of 40+ circumcised ppeople

    If your kid is gay, being uncut is a big plus in the US!

    Circumsision is a mutilation.
    Sep 6 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    It’s medically neutral, but it will give him a +5 defense buff against future dates who are toxic, pretentious, in-your-face, anti-religious motor mouths.
    Sep 6 0
  • Cisco mosalahh
    Circumcised looks better is what I got from many of my dates. I'm but it's just a preference and there's no right/wrong in that.
    Sep 6 0
  • Salesforce JINYANG
    Half the responses on here are from ppl bitter about getting theirs chopped off
    Sep 6 1
    • Amazon cbaz123
      Wow, you must have seen so many di**s and listened to their bitterness :P
      Sep 6
  • Tektronix BazzokaGrl
    I had girls so no. I did get a huge packet in the mail with a dvd telling me not to circumcise 2 days after they were born. I thought it was pretty judgemental.
    Sep 6 0


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