HR Issues

Disciplinary action vs termination

Amazon Butts360
Jan 6

Let’s say there’s a documented incident involving hate speech / harassment etc.

How often are these incidents met with disciplinary action (go to a training) versus immediate termination? Where’s the line?


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  • Amazon bezos ball
    Do you represent a threat to the company? HR exists to mitigate risks, aka fire your worthless replaceable ass
    Jan 60
  • Universal Orlando 8675309k
    At some video game companies, you could stay there forever.
    Jan 70
  • Collective Health AliceP
    If you say anything wrong against certain groups of people you will almost certainly be fired. It’s called minority privilege
    Jan 60
  • Oracle fghdsa
    In today's climate, if you are a baby at your company, the line is drawn when there is documentation. If you are older, then it varies.
    Jan 60
  • Universal Orlando 8675309k
    Depends on the company, amd who you are.
    Jan 70

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