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Have you ever experienced any kind of discrimation?



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  • PayPal da anomaly
    Of course we all have. It happens. Get over it and move on. Like millions before you.
    Apr 11 4
    • Chase / Eng (o´・_・)っ
      You mean move on to different company?
      Apr 11
    • Chase / Eng (o´・_・)っ
      I wouldn't wanna work at PayPal 😂 ... Getting over it is really easy as long the other person who is discriminating gets what they deserve.
      Apr 11
    • PayPal da anomaly
      Wow what a hypocrite
      Apr 11
    • OP
      @Chase totally agree. I’d get over it and move on easily if my company treat such cases seriously.
      Apr 11
  • Microsoft TrumpWins
    Yes, I’m a republican
    Apr 11 2
    • Intel Who.Dis
      Victim syndrome? checks out 👍
      Apr 11
    • New / Eng QTdN03
      You can NOT be public about GOP affiliations in this career field. When I first applied at several places, I never heard a word back. Then I scrubbed all my social media of any pro-GOP posts going back several years. Now I'm getting an onsite interview almost everywhere I sent my resume. I never talk politics at work (for obvious reasons), so it's a shame this form of discrimination exists.
      Apr 12
  • Chase / Eng (o´・_・)っ
    Currently my manager keeps on harassing me. Specially after when I tried changing my team. Now he has started insulting me in front of people. After explaining plenty of times to the HR that my manager is discriminating me I was told that it happens. I haven't been able to change my team yet but honestly now I'm praying that I get an offer elsewhere or I get to change my team faster somehow.
    Apr 11 1