Disney DTCI office - Seattle vs Burbank vs Bristol

Disney / Data dtxyo
Oct 22 11 Comments

I currently have the option of picking which Disney office I want to work at (DTCI segment). What is the culture like at each of these offices, and which would you recommend? I've heard Bristol is pretty relaxed and cost of living will be way lower here (plus DTCI leadership is all here), whereas Burbank has a much more corporate feel to it, but is Disney's HQ. Thoughts?


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  • Disney / Data HiImBlind
    I’d recommend being in the same location as your boss/boss’s boss/etc. The culture’s heavily influenced by whoever your leadership is, and I found that leadership naturally cares more about the culture within their own location than in remote locations
    Oct 22 0
  • Disney blindman04
    Go where the leadership is.
    Oct 25 0
  • Disney Kbim40
    I'm in Burbank so I'm a bit biased but there is nowhere else on Earth like LA. I'm a transplant - I've lived all over the US, and LA is the greatest city in America.

    Bristol is the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. Finding a career path outside of ESPN in Bristol will be a challenge in the future.

    Seattle is expensive, dark, rainy, and cold. The weather alone would make me miserable, plus it's a tiny little town with a lot less culture than a mega city like LA.
    Oct 22 2
  • Disney Streaming Services teammickey
    Come on over to NYC
    Oct 24 0
  • Disney aver10
    Depends what group within DTCI. Go where your team is. Relationships/visibility are most important at Disney. Separately, Burbank definitely feels most like you’re “at Disney”.
    Oct 27 0
  • Disney Streaming Services IRSM16
    I’m in DSS Data in NYC and its pretty corporate despite being a smaller company acquired by Disney a little over a year ago
    Oct 24 0
  • Disney CAMt38
    I’m also at DTIC and based in Burbank. Been to all of the offices and culture wise Burbank is the best
    Oct 24 0
  • Disney Vcyf70
    Oct 22 0
  • Disney tinystark
    Nothing around Bristol. Be around leadership. Seattle is dev culture. Burbank is corporate.
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