Disney Plus vs Hulu

Netflix gmLKaj
Feb 28 6 Comments

Disney is planning to buy AT&T's stakes in Hulu, but they already have so much hulu stake to begin with...How does this impact Disney Plus? Are they trying to use Hulu tech on Disney Plus? Doesn't AT&T also have some sort of streaming as well? Or not? Seems like all the telecom companies are investing in streaming these days.


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  • BAMTECH Media GoldenBall
    I work at Disney Streaming Services, the company responsible for ESPN+ and Disney+. There will not be ads in Disney+. Beyond that, we are all wondering how Hulu and Disney+ will cooperate too.
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  • Magic Leap exiv63
    Disney Plus will be family friendly. Hulu will be for everything else, like rated R films (Deadpool, Aliens, etc.)
    Feb 28 0
  • Microsoft RandomInt
    This week's decision on the TV series Bones profit sharing may nuke Hulu eventually as the rest of their content sharing agreements get looked at.
    Feb 28 0
  • true[x] / Eng

    true[x] Eng

    but will disney plus have ads!?
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  • New RItI54
    it just means one less company to deal with from an operating perspective.

    I’d imagine they’ll keep both brands since they’re limited in types of content for Disney+ (ie game of thrones or other adult oriented content). Its another opportunity to package both services in the long run. Kid friendly content get Disney+, no kids, adult etc get hulu. want best of both worlds get both
    Feb 28 0
  • They’ll probably combine the streaming services
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