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Microsoft / Eng RikSanchez
Sep 22 5 Comments

Anyone working at Disney as a Site Reliability Engineer? What is the culture like? We LOVE Disney as a family, go to the parks every year, have all the movie and merch. I am getting tired of being a service engineer at Microsoft and want to do a lot more coding.
Pay, benefits, extras?
TC $180k


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Disney PeterThie
    Which segment. It all depends
    Sep 22 2
    • Microsoft / Eng RikSanchez
      Corp. Is that what you are looking for?
      Sep 22
    • Disney PeterThie
      Sure. It helps. DIR is a great guy. Superb culture. Make your own impact. I’d say one of the better teams at Corp. Disney is a family culture. Promos are hard to come by. Salary is usually stagnant. Barely beats inflation. However quality of life is great. Any of of WFH days.
      Sep 22
  • Rackspace / Eng

    Rackspace Eng

    Did not they offshore this to bodyshop in India?
    Sep 22 1
    • Microsoft / Eng RikSanchez
      I guess not? They are highering quite a few SRE's
      Sep 22


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