Disney Streaming Comp and Work Culture

Kabbage yGEx24
Nov 11 27 Comments

How’s comp and work culture at disney streaming services? Their competition is Netflix but are they paymasters like them?


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  • Heeeeelllll no!!! Disney is knows to be a cheap bastard. Stay away! NY office might be OK but stay away from LA & avoid Disney at all costs if possible!
    Nov 11 8
    • T-Mobile


      looking for new opportunities...
      I talked with a Disney recruiter recently. He asked for my current salary. Kid you not he asked "is that TOTAL comp or..?"
      He never called back and by his reaction, I never pursued him.
      Nov 11
    • Hulu TrNf5340
      Disney is known for being a cheap @$$!!! The biggest of all in fact! They don't offer anything at all. Their benefits is not even mediocre. Stay away at all cost.
      Nov 11
    • Disney / Eng Innocuous2
      LTIP is now RSUs and is doubled now.
      Nov 12
    • Netflix defaults
      So I guess they still don't compete with the likes of FAANG then I take it?
      Nov 15
    • Oracle pzd
      Not anywhere near.
      Nov 15
  • Microsoft xIdC37
    Disney is terrible to work for.
    Nov 11 5
    • Hulu TrNf5340
      Agree. Never ever go there. It's better to be unemployed than work for Disney!
      Nov 11
    • Disney / R&D MHiuad
      Spoken by an elitist idiot who's clearly never been unemployed before.
      Nov 15
    • Hulu Tell Me
      Sometimes unemployment is much better 😂 you get paid (although too little) for doing nothing
      Nov 18
    • Disney Kbim40
      That awkward moment when you realize that you also work for Disney...

      I presume you quit Hulu back in March then?
      Nov 19
    • Hulu Tell Me
      Doesn't everyone? 😂 that's the time of the year!!!!
      Nov 20
  • Disney rarepepe
    This Hulu guy flipping out is a tad much, but yeah Disney’s pay is nothing special. Definitely won’t be on par with FAANG. On the culture front, there is a lot of political back and forth right now because all of these teams they just hired are fighting for ownership. It’s an organizational mess too which is probably not as bad as Netflix. Growth problems. DSS is working around the clock right now but they just switched to RSUs in their LTIP so we’ll see how that goes. All in all, I would jump ship if recruited by FAANG. Disclaimer I don’t work within DSS but a tech group within Disney that is close to them.
    Nov 16 1
    • Hulu Tell Me
      Agree. It's a 💩 show at Hulu & now with Disney it won't get better. It's actually worse. I think a lot of people will jump mid next year since the reigns & $$$ are getting tighter.
      Nov 16
  • Spotify / Eng
    toe knife

    Spotify Eng

    toe knife more
    I know several folks who have joined in the last year. They all hate it. Politics aplenty, management doesn’t seem to give good guidance to their reports on how to do their job effectively
    Nov 16 1
    • Disney Streaming Services LClH32
      On certain teams bc of pressures of launch we didn’t even do our year end reviews the last two years.
      Nov 20
  • Netflix THzI52
    Disney’s known as the stingiest of the studios so expect to get paid 30-40% of a typical faang salary. It doesn’t compare at all with Netflix in terms of benefits and pay and work culture.
    Nov 15 1
    • Spotify dogfoodr
      their product must suck then
      Nov 15
  • Hulu Tell Me
    Also a lot of favoritism and BS. Don't expect to get rewarded for doing a good job
    Nov 16 0
  • Microsoft / Eng FwwQ08
    Apparently they don’t even give stock. On the other hand, it sounds like a chill place.
    Nov 11 2
    • Actually it's not! Very tense and not chill at all
      Nov 11
    • Disney / Eng Innocuous2
      It’s stock now.
      Nov 12
  • Netflix paych0dad
    Nov 15 0
  • Kabbage yGEx24
    Innocuous2 can you please share some average offer numbers?
    Nov 13 0


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