Disney+espn+hulu vs. Netflix?

Hulu Ihjz04
Apr 11 24 Comments

It’s kind sad from where I’m standing...but who do you think will win the battle?




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  • Disney / Eng FBRA54
    Meh. Streaming content is not a zero sum game. The question isn’t which one will win but how many households will only choose 1 option. I know we will be keeping Netflix and adding Disney+. I don’t see a large percentage of people deciding to cancel Netflix and move entirely over to Disney+, not while Disney is planning on spending a measly $1B in new content for streaming in 2020. Netflix releases a ton of original content (what, $20B/year). Disney has all the old talent. Netflix has all the new talent. Both have value to consumers.
    Apr 12 5
    • Netflix billygoat
      ^ This
      Apr 12
    • T-Mobile / Design 6lsh8af
      I thought that Disney is producing television and movie content all the time across all their brands and they could just load that up on Disney+. Did you see how many television networks and movie studios they own that are churning out content 24/7/365? Way more than Netflix could ever achieve!
      Apr 12
    • Netflix Johnny5
      This is correct. Not a zero sum game. I’m not sure why this is so hard to understand. Do you really need to cancel another service you are using regularly to add a $6.99 service???

      Also I think people are vastly underestimating the sheer number of Netflix Originals being made or acquired each year. It’s a lot more than a major studio.
      Apr 12
    • Disney / Eng FBRA54
      It’s a good point that Disney is making a lot of content via ABC, and now with simpsons, family guy, etc, there’s a lot more. But as long as Netflix produces another season of Black Mirror and Stranger Things, they’ve got me pegged.
      Apr 12
    • Netflix Nqac32
      Exactly. $8.99 + $6.99 is still a whole lot cheaper than a cable subscription and will put a ton of content at your finger tips. I'm excited for Disney+ to come out.
      Apr 13
  • FactSet / Product rkld
    Netflix could have locked Disney up with distribution rights, but they got greedy.
    Apr 11 0
  • Microsoft LordFarqud
    A platform full of re-runs and limited original content,


    a company who now owns an existing streaming platform with a MASSIVE backlog of films with some of the most popular and lucrative franchises of all time and one that could deliver live sports as well.

    Content is king.
    Apr 11 0
  • Netflix / Eng LoveDeathR
    Wake me up when the gap of subscriber number is shrinking. At the end of 2018, it's 139M vs 0.
    Apr 11 6
    • Disney / Eng (ᵔᴥᵔ)💩
      Hulu and espn+ have zero subscribers? Hotstar has 300 million monthly subscribers by itself. Guess who owns them now? The Simpsons alone is enough to beat any original Netflix title and that’s just the beginning of content that will only be available on Disney+
      Apr 12
    • Netflix / Eng LoveDeathR
      Hulu is having these crazy promotions due to high churn rate. ESPN+ only has 2M after one year. Hotstar has 300M monthly active users, most of them free. Their revenue is less than $100m per year. And the Simpsons, LOL, why not 100 years of mouse archive.
      Apr 12
    • Disney / Eng (ᵔᴥᵔ)💩
      All of that is greater than 0 though so I’m waking you up as requested. Good point on the last sentence. I was using simpsons as an example of recently acquired content that any Netflix orig content also pales in comparison too.
      Apr 12
    • Netflix / Eng LoveDeathR
      Iger admitted a long time ago that Disney cannot compete against Netflix on quantity, so he wanted to undercut on price. As for quality, just check Emmy nominations. No competition.
      Apr 12
    • Netflix Nqac32
      Simpsons is good stuff. It's historically done well internationally as well.
      Apr 13
  • BluVector sparked
    Good god man, most of us use mobile...a link to their assets would have sufficed
    Apr 12 0
  • Amgen yiXR75
    I’m skeptical disney can pull it off but they have the best shot of all big media to create a solid competitor to Netflix. Netflix should just buy Viacom, cozy up to WB and then they’d kind of have a lock on almost all non-disney kids content.
    Apr 11 0
  • BluVector sparked
    Why does everyone forget that Disney now owns Fox.

    Sure without fox they have limited content generation potential, but between Disney and Fox they have plenty.

    That being said, as long as prices are reasonable people will just stream both.
    Apr 11 0
  • Sprint ZeroHero
    I unsubscribed Netflix the day I saw that aweful anti-bjp (under the garb of comedy ) show by Hassan Mihnaj. The Congress lies and propaganda that Netflix has been spreading is astounding to the point it makes one wonder how much they have been paid to make such content. A lot of my friends left Netflix for this reason as well. Why would I pay per month to see such propaganda!?
    Apr 13 0
  • Netflix / Eng LoveDeathR
    100 brands vs. Netflix and chill. Easy choice.
    Apr 12 0
  • Netflix / Eng LoveDeathR
    Check IMDB most popular TV shows. How many are owned by Disney and how many are owned by Netflix?
    Apr 11 0
  • T-Mobile / Design 6lsh8af
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  • T-Mobile / Design 6lsh8af
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  • T-Mobile / Design 6lsh8af

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