Diversity & Inclusion shitshow

Oath blu3b3rry
Oct 31 21 Comments

Does anyone work at a company where Diversity & Inclusion is not a shitshow? I have friends who work in D&I at big tech companies and stories sound same to what i see here: bullshit, optics, dysfunction.
I’m genuinely curious if any company is really doing the work.


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  • Nah it’s sitting around listening to privileged white men pretending to care and privileged white women leveraging it to gain power. Most minorities sit around in their offices while this happens at Apple.

    Asian diversity doesn’t count. Also biracial/multiracial diversity.
    Oct 31 5
    • Capital One crablion
      Sounds about right lol
      Oct 31
    • We’re supposed to be leading the charge too lmfao
      Oct 31
    • New WscU36
      Using guilt to push D&I, unconscious bias to indoctrinate and manipulate population is pure genius. Just look how people could feel sorry and guilty for the fruits of their grind and hard work: decent neighborhood, big house, nice car, fat check, etc. When you keep hearing more and more puck politicians claim everything in this country is racism even math and science education, you should wonder not if but when communism will rule the America
      Oct 31
    • strategy-and-action selby
      That’s a tired argument and you know it. We will never be a communist country (not in our lifetime anyway). And we will still be a racist country for a long time to come. It doesn’t mean we can’t work to fix the broken things in our society.
      Oct 31
    • Coupa kulak
      Were not a racist country now
      Nov 3
  • Amazon YouSayEllo
    Nah, I get enough being told that, as a straight white Male, I'm worth less than everyone else off the clock.
    Oct 31 3
    • New IQLv85
      How can that be, as a straight white male you are paid more than everyone else by the virtue of your skin tone alone
      Oct 31
    • Amazon mmmehhhh
      He’s oppressed because he has to make some room for others at the table. That’s his idea of discrimination. What a loser.
      Nov 1
    • Amazon YouSayEllo
      Where is this ever expanding table you guys like talking about? If there are a fixed number of seats at the table then scarcity comes into play and choices have to be made. When a choice is based on race, it's racist. When a choice is made based upon sex, it's sexist. This is why almost every D&I presentation I've seen has been a racist and sexist effort. That doesn't interest me.
      Nov 1
  • strategy-and-action selby
    Everyone is responsible for D&I. Complaining about what your company is doing or not will not get us anywhere especially if everyone on your team looks the same. If you are a hiring manager the buck stops with you on D&I. And if you are a junior SWE who interviews candidates, the buck stops with you too. You demand diversity and proactively cultivate it and don’t settle. Recruiters listen to you guys and if you don’t do your part this D&I thing will be just a bunch of glossies that check the box.
    Oct 31 2
    • Amazon rvghc
      So what does junior SWE have to do during interview?
      Nov 1
    • Xandr wotiotson
      I've seen this answer alot, so I'll just pick it apart lightly but I'm just stating I'm not against your opinion. In fact I'm all for it.

      That said, let's say the person of color interviewing is performing very good, but not better than a white male interviewing. Do I not hire the most skilled person? What does it matter from a business perspective if they were disadvantaged and didnt have opportunity? That's a societal problem to fix, not the business. Maybe for larger companies a difference can be made but for everyone who's not a FAANG or struggling with revenue? Now's not the time.

      What about team dynamic? My team is full of people who may not want a person of color on it. They may perform not as well, or worse, openly taunt this person and leave us open to discrimination lawsuits. Do I risk that?

      In many cases forced diversity programs will hurt a bottomline. Not because people of color are any worse, as a matter of fact they may be more hard working and driven, but you cannot change societal levels norms in an organization. You cant affect society from inside a company, so then change must at least come from the top, the C-level or close to the top.

      But are we going to fire most of the white male executives in the industry? Who've made all the money thus far and who control the most money? No. But should we start pressuring them there? Absolutely. Putting undue stress on hiring managers who also need to put food on the table and who are the first who will be asked why a team is performing worse is not who we should target. The shift in responsibility from leader to worker is not normal, not fair, and I personally think a disgusting way to distance from making the hard business decisions I stated above.
      Nov 1
  • Amazon eiflghflhl
    Diversity is good as it promotes more meshy style networks, but fuck it breaks down when people cluster in to groups, don't talk common language.

    Screeching about white males just irks me, I look white yeah but I'm in the trenches just like every other engineer, also can't imagine it helps, but rather agitates the divisions
    Nov 1 0
  • F5 Networks HeSf54
    Sooo much bullshit in D&I. When someone tries to get them to do the actual work, they lash out and circle the wagons. You wouldn't believe the things I've seen up close and personal. Sad, really.
    Nov 7 0
  • Progressive ugh.
    It’s super important at my company but who has time to participate with the heavy workload? So...I suppose it is a shitshow.
    Nov 2 0
  • New Ulan
    It's has become a weapon to exploit for the ultra feminists
    Nov 1 0
  • F5 Networks RRA
    Definitely a problem here.
    Oct 31 0
  • I saw handouts MGM Resorts had for their new D&I program and it looked super legit. Addressed unconscious bias, privilege... but then I’m also a white dude so take what I say with a grain of salt. Too bad it got pushed to the side by their new money-making initiative.
    Oct 31 1
    • Oh and the lady who heads up the program is a woman of color too so I imagine that helps with perspective.
      Oct 31
  • Duke Energy helge
    It varies for me. Some teams don't get it. They think it's about color and sex. You can have a team of ten guys named Ron and still be diverse and inclusive of everyone on that team. I worked on one team that got it. They were all white men, except 2 black guys and one woman. The most diverse and inclusive team I worked on, why? Because it was a core value, and they all believed in it. We learned about each other and utilized our strengths. No one was left out. That's D&I, teamwork.
    Nov 7 0


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