Diversity and inclusion



Electronic Arts
Apr 29 37 Comments

What companies would you recommend for being highly diverse and inclusive?


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  • Microsoft JT907!

    btw D&I is racist
    Apr 29 17
    • Clover Health sinkinship
      At least you know how every other race must feel their whole lives. Find the lesson in it, and learn some empathy.
      May 1
    • Microsoft JT907!
      Intel is discriminating against white men. Racism isn’t ok, and sinkinship is a racist. Same with baba. You guys are gross.
      May 1
    • Clover Health sinkinship
      Funny, you seem angry to me. 🤷‍♂️

      Also, pay attention. Not everyone is talking to you because you just walked in the door.
      May 1
    • Clover Health sinkinship
      JT, Dear, you have continually demonstrated a lack of search engine or even basic dictionary skills. Poor thing, but not all of us are blessed with research prowess. 🔬📖
      May 1
    • Facebook / Eng lkj630
      Jt, please don't use 'racism' as an excuse for why you agent performing at work. Maybe you're just bad at your job eh?
      May 4
  • Facebook FBtrial
    Most times, I forget that I'm brown or that everyone else is white, black, Asian or different in general.
    Apr 29 2
    • Tableau / Eng

      Tableau Eng

      No, everyone else is Chinese in Facebook
      Apr 29
    • Facebook / Eng lkj630
      Cannot relate. At least not in engineering. FB diversity work ends at recruiting. Once you're hired 🤷 hr is really poor.
      May 4
  • Google ywc4oC
    Most of retail.
    Apr 29 0
  • So which companies value virtue signaling over talent? Usually dying tech companies like mine.
    Apr 29 3
    • Microsoft JT907!
      How much longer do you have to go for your rest and vest strategy
      Apr 29
    • Autodesk sodjdjekrm
      Arent all companies trying to virtue signal one way or the other, like making the world a better place? What is this talent you speak of?
      Apr 30
    • Expedia


      Mostly on here to snoop
      I usually bristle at the term “virtue signaling” because only entitled assholes use it, but tech’s push for D&I is entirely that—a lot of talk about diversity and absolutely no legitimate analysis, action, or change.
      May 17
  • Amazon lhzsg
    FB and G
    Apr 29 1
    • Facebook / Eng lkj630
      Lol no.
      May 4
  • Axon axon
    Intel. The only company I know that enforces quotas.
    May 1 0
  • Clover Health sinkinship
    Also interested
    Apr 29 0
  • Target ilhzrh5
    Target has more engineers who aren’t men than anywhere else I have ever been
    May 13 0
  • ADP XHCy56
    May 11 0
  • Bloomberg ezJV08
    Bloomberg, diversity over talent.
    Apr 30 0
  • Twitter feUG50
    Apr 29 0
  • Lyft / Eng JSBG53
    Apr 29 0
  • Nvidia apmpa
    A consumer goods company like p&g. No tech company is even close to being reasonably diverse
    Apr 29 0
  • Walmart.com Poppycock🧐
    Apr 29 0


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