Divider in Chief - Modi

eBay costume
May 13 21 Comments

Cover of TIME magazine has Modi as Divider in Chief. What do Modi supports have to say to this?


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  • eBay eday
    Writers father is Pakistani politician, What do you expect from him.
    May 13 8
    • eBay eday
      Yeah, obviously. Mental block. Well timed article just before the 7th phase of election. Nothing suspicious. Right?
      May 13
    • Uber gcxccvbv
      Everytime there is criticism they say... Just before elections.. well duh there is always some election going on ... Even state elections .

      And don't you think this would be better to do before first phase ?
      Are you seriously this dumb ?
      May 13
    • eBay eday
      Yeah buddy, I am pretty dumb. Because, the world is white and black. And modi is black and the article is white.
      May 14
    • Microsoft Duxe82
      Modi is brown, not black
      May 27
    • Uber fjdhfhds
      Eday you for the first part right...

      Let me tell you a story of India.. one humanist was killed, since the society did not do enough to raise voice, Lots of people returned awards in protest.. dumb bhakts said, because it's elections...

      People asking for justice for murder are termed anti national.. because it's clear who conducted the murder maybe ?
      May 27
  • LinkedIn madnesssss
    Not a Modi supporter nor Modi hater, but Indian.

    We are living in an era where people who can’t accept election results and views of other people and then they call themselves liberals.

    Such liberals and such liberal media is losing credibility.

    Who the fuck cares what Time or WSJ or NYT tells about India. Maybe they write such articles to make money out it as there will be enough liberals who feel good to read it
    May 13 2
    • eBay costume
      As an Indian, I care what world media thinks about our PM. 4 years back when Modi was on the cover of Times the head line was “why Modi matters?” and now he is being called as a communal divider, specially a leader who is know to develop foreign relations. Don’t you think something has gone wrong?
      May 13
    • LinkedIn madnesssss
      So your reference of truth is the opinion of some writer for Time magazine.

      My reference of truth is GDP growth, FDI inflow increase, improvement in ease to do business index, reduced corruption in govt, increase in the income tax payments due to streamlining the records etc... All tangible facts, not some opinionated articles.

      Further, if people vote for Modi 2019 elections it is their choice and if they don’t then also it is their choice. Either way India will have a stable democracy for most optimistic ppl to thrive. Cynical, pessimistic people will always complain but not improve anything
      May 14
  • Nordstrom zfbN20
    I like Modi and yes cases of religious intolerance have increased a bit since BJP came to power but I would argue that a) He doesn't support them and has condemned those who were involved b) He has done much much more for the country than the Congress. And therefore, he is India's best case possible right now. Ideal case would be a candidate who isn't linked to religion, is honest and can deliver results for the country. However, we don't like in an idealworld.
    May 13 1
    • Uber gcxccvbv
      Hahahaha he has condemned them... Hahahaha...
      He has rewarded them would be more accurate ..

      So much so he fielded a terror accused as a candidate... you can't be more transparent.

      At this point he is so so bad that our best case is Congress ...
      May 13
  • Amazon IfTS17
    I am following the election closely and i can tell you this title justifies what is going on in India. BJP is fighting the election not on development but on nationalism. Whoever tries to speak against modi or bjp are being declared anti national. (Was bjp supporter in last election but not anymore)
    May 13 3
    • eBay eday
      Whom are you supporting now?
      May 13
    • Amazon IfTS17
      Our local candidate of congress have good image and track record, so Congress.
      Its like choosing the less worst now.
      May 13
    • Walmart.com / Eng naaspeeta
      That’s what it always is buddy!
      May 17
  • Oracle desigirl
    Author is the son of a Pakistani politician. Isn't it clear it's right wing Muslim extremism?
    May 14 0
  • New DqCa10
    TIME magazine has made a u turn.
    May 30 0