Do FAANG and other Tech companies prefer people on work visa ?

Medtronic leafmulch
Nov 3 9 Comments

Do companies like to hire and take advantage of people on H1b or other work visa ? Is it driven by slave mentality, lowball offers, extended work hours etc which typical US citizen will not tolerate or escalate to HR.



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  • LinkedIn XVbs76
    All you need to do is pull in labor statistics on h1b salary per company publicly available to look at pay statistics. Most reputable companies (FAANG etc) sponsor h1b due to talent scarcity.

    TC: 430k (on h1b)
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  • Credit Karma 🐨Koala
    Bankers in NYC put 10-12 hours a day, 90% US citizens without raising it to HR.
    This is not true that normal USC wouldn't put in more hours & escalate to HR.
    It is very normal thing in finance Industry
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  • Microsoft trbebdj
    I don’t think most of the people would intentionally hire the people on Visa. However, many people prefer working with people of similar background and that make them lean towards people from the same country/area or race. I have seen this quite a lot.

    Some people claim they hire people objectively but these are often the very people who hire people of similar background. Implicit bias is something we should all be aware of as otherwise you will end up preferring similar candidates. I have seen this happening from all kinds of people - Indians, Chinese and Russians.

    Yet most of them claim they hired objectively. Those are the people who lack perspective and harmful to the org even if they don’t think so. Empathy amongst software engineer is pretty low. This is where lack of social awareness hurts engineering.
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    • LinkedIn XVbs76
      Implicit bias is definitely a thing of awareness. But you’re kidding if you think it plays any role in Big N hiring with so many levels of hiring decisions. Maybe true for smaller and contracting outfits.
      Nov 3
    • There are other ways it ends up working this way. Don’t think of just the interviews. Everything from mentoring to referral plays a role. If I want to hire a specific person I can bias the whole process by coaching them before the interviews and then giving signals to my colleagues. I have seen it happen. This is true in gender, race, sexual orientation, religion... etc
      Nov 3
    • Microsoft trbebdj
      @LinkedIn, this is far less at FB and Google where random interviewers will interview the candidate. This is prevalent in team based hiring such as Microsoft and Amazon. All Indian or all Chinese teams are very common in these companies. So are Intel and Qualcomm.
      Nov 3
  • Google hurhurhur
    No. Top tech companies do not consider immigration status when determining pay. They just look for people who satisfy a certain set of criteria regardless of nationality
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  • Google / Eng manoi3
    I've seen this way too often now. There is no major difference in work ethic in people on h1b vs citizens. Both have to suffer enough to justify the high salaries.
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  • New / Manufacturing Medtronic
    Obviously. There is a reason why its called modern day slavery.
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