Do I have a chance of getting L6 at Google?

Facebook vwv345
Apr 1 7 Comments

Assuming I have a great performance at the interview of course.
8 YOE + PhD, E5 at FB for 1 year, 64 at Ms before that, have led and owned my own major features, have widely cited patents and publications, pretty good in C++ and in Java.

If not, how long should I wait? Seems like growing to E6 here (or equivalent at other companies) depends a lot on being in the right team and at the right time and I don't want to get stuck. I want to have a plan.


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  • New Claust
    IMO Phd + 8 YOE can definitely ask to be interviewed for Google L6, worth a try
    Apr 1 0
  • Salesforce imposters
    Curious. What does it take to enter at L6?
    Apr 1 0
  • Two Sigma / Eng kysk
    Why is L6 the goal? Or is your real goal something else?
    Apr 2 1
    • Facebook vwv345
      An equivalent level somewhere else works too
      It's just my understanding that getting such level internally in any company depends on many factors outside of one's control (e.g. the org needing engineers at that level).
      So I was looking for another way to take ownership of the problem and make it work based on just my merits
      Apr 5
  • Akamai Technologies lorelt
    Apr 1 1
    • Facebook vwv345
      Umm 185 base, 400k stock over 4 yrs + bonus. Does that make any difference or is it just the obligatory question?
      Apr 1
  • Google / Ops Huhf13
    Apr 1 0


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