Do I need a referral to Hulu to not get auto rejected?

Northrop Grumman iCallBS
Sep 13, 2018 6 Comments

Pretty much title.


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  • I dunno if we’re better or worse in this respect than other companies in our sector or of our size, but I know a referral obviously helps. It pretty much guarantees at least a phone interview if not an in-person.

    What I will say is that we’re famously slow - the hiring process frequently takes months. Which may result in more applications than they know what to do with, making it harder to stand out from the pack.
    Sep 14, 2018 5
    • New / Product

      New Product

      Need leads to PM roles in SF. Thank you!!
      How do you like working there?
      Sep 14, 2018
    • Google Whitefaang
      Hey there! Do you know if Hulu hires new grad at all? I’d really love to work there however most of their posts are for 3+ yoe
      Sep 16, 2018
    • Microsoft wzYy40
      @Whitefaang, why do you wanna work for hulu if you are in google now
      Sep 17, 2018
    • Google Whitefaang
      Google flair is just from an internship and still don’t know location for my return offer. Really want to end up in LA and I’ve also heard great things about Hulu
      Sep 17, 2018
    • Hulu DaddyBig
      Yes, hulu does hire new grads, check the job board for open positions, but there arent many left.
      Sep 18, 2018