Do I need physical receipt notice before joining? H1B transfer

Feb 11

Do I need to wait for my physical receipt notice to arrive or can I join once the portal is updated with “Case is received”

Going to Amazon


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  • Microsoft naaam
    In today's environment, I would not join without a clear approval. But if you are ok to take risk, just the postal delivery notification is enough and is the same risk as joining with a receipt.
    Feb 110
  • Google nooglerx
    Yes, amazon does allow that.
    Feb 110
  • Morgan Stanley Vcvo20
    I'm in the same boat waiting for my receipt (almost 2 weeks), how can you check your status online without a receipt number?
    • New / OtherAuntHilda
      You can search on icert portal by company. Feel free to IM me if you can't figure it.
  • Uber / EngoOBb03
    One of our team members joined based on portal notice since the physical receipt apparently got lost.
    Feb 111
    • OP
      Haha.. I think that makes sense. Anyways every case will get a receipt notice so I think it should not be a problem
      Feb 11
  • New / OtherAuntHilda
    Feb 110

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