Do LeetCode data science profiles pay more?

Walmart crentist
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Non-phd data scientist with 5 yoe in product data science. Trying to find the most lucrative way ahead and I have these options:

(1) Grind Leetcode and get into an MLE position (or some other SWE+DS role)
(2) Continue as a product data scientist

For some reason, I think (2) < (1) with respect to pay and interview-difficulty. Just feels like interviews with LeetCode rounds are more difficult than the average non-phd data science interview process, so those that pass the former are paid more in general right??

What do you guys think?

TC - 120k


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  • Neurocrine bluffjezoz
    I would say both are equally difficult but they get tested on different things.

    For MLE, you have to good at LC and system design and ML concepts. For DS, you have to be food at stats, ab testing, product design, basics of programming and ML, and communication skills.

    MLE gets paid more because it's an engineering role. Product DS is usually a part of either product operations or analytics team (engineering team in general gets paid higher than most other teams for some reason).

    What's your title at Walmart? I have applied for a ton of DS roles at Walmart but never heard back. What do they look for in a resume?
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  • Optum coder_
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  • Amazon The Truth
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