Do US PM positions sponsor visas?

McKinsey jEez00
Aug 20 6 Comments

Hi! As above, was just wondering whether US companies sponsor visas for non-technical positions?

I haven’t had much luck (no phone calls) even through referrals, although ostensibly I have a target background. One lucky lead I had was Facebook, but they turned me down pre-call because I didn’t have a visa. Not sure if my profile is poor or whether it was a visa thing for the others.

If they don’t sponsor visas, what is the best way to break-in? I’m currently thinking about a US MBA to swap into a PM role.

I originally wanted to do PM upon graduation, but the full-time opportunites in my country wouldn’t set me up on a path to head to the US in the long-term. The dream job is product at a place like Google X (e.g., the confluence between tech and traditional industries)

Thanks for any guidance on this! 😊

A bit about me:

- Currently at an MBB focusing as a business analyst in analytics/tech strategy & execution
- Top 2 college in my home country (with year abroad at Top 2 US school in CS, with full GPA)
- Hackathon wins, national awards, and work starting and running youth groups focussed around social entrepreneurship & tech
- Several papers in top-tier ML workshops/conferences

TC: <60k


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  • Microsoft MS TC is 🥜
    Try to get into your target companies from your home country. Then you could always transfer internally with an L1 visa which is easier to get than H1B. Otherwise grad school on the US is an option either MBA or masters in CS etc
    Aug 20 1
    • McKinsey jEez00
      Thanks - to your points:

      (1) Yes, that’s an option. Currently applying to careers in the target companies now but there are very few roles available.

      (2) Exactly what I’m planning - trying to get into an elite grad program that naturally feeds into these roles. However not too keen to do another masters in CS, as I already have a masters from undergrad.

      Was just wondering if there was a quicker solution, given this will take 2+ years
      Aug 20
  • New / Consultant

    New Consultant

    25 years of experience as a Management Consultant helping companies develop their technology products and make business and technology transformation
    From my limited exposure to the US work permit visa process ; it’s becoming harder by the day, companies in general are only applying for new work permit request when they badly need it
    Aug 20 1
    • McKinsey jEez00
      Thanks for the info! I guess that doesn’t bode too well for me...
      Aug 20
  • VMware BurnedOut
    Country of origin matters. EU countries and Israel more likely. Russia and Eastern Europe is harder, India and China - forget about it...
    Aug 20 0
  • Amazon / Other QAOi72
    Which country are you from? Amazon does in some circumstances
    Aug 20 0


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