Do many gaming companies struggle with sexism?

EA N3gypr
May 7 22 Comments

Personally I can see how certain games with toxic communities might also affect the work culture at specific companies. I personally think EA is fine, but wondering if other companies have this issue given all the stuff going on at riot recently.


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  • Microsoft TrumpWins
    Riot is an SJW company so “sexism” is subjective. I’ve met many people from Riot. They hire tons of far left Twitter activist type people at that company who would take a guy saying “you look nice today” to a woman as a sexist comment and get angry they can’t sue their company over it.
    May 7 7
    • Riot Games bumpkis
      TeeCee's comment is accurate.
      May 8
    • Unity mambo5
      The people experiencing sexism at Riot are not just people trying to be overly PC or far left Twitter activists. I heard people talk about women openly and very inappropriately. People would judge women differently on how much of a gamer they were & legitimately question their gamer cred (which was so stupid). More seriously- I also know women whose managers tried to sleep with them, and people who lost their jobs shortly after speaking up about these types of issues.
      May 8
    • Riot Games xkiae7
      lol if you think riot is full of far left people. leadership is famously “centrist” and the downward effects are obvious
      May 8
    • Riot Games

      Riot Games

      Riot Games
      Can confirm TeeCee’s comment
      May 8
    • Riot Games / IT

      Riot Games IT

      Having worked in many companies I think sexism is more a cultural issue, company still striving for better awareness and changes but that is usually difficult and takes time.
      May 8
  • Stay away from gaming companies if you can .. it’s just too volatile
    May 7 0
  • Panasonic Avionics / Sales

    Panasonic Avionics Sales

    I do sales. I sell stuff. It’s what I do.
    It has for a long time. What do you think happens when a bunch of gaming nerds that haven’t had much social education start getting in close contact with women? And not only that, have power over them?
    May 7 0
  • Facebook WDWO10
    Yes. A majority of them.
    May 7 0
  • Riot Games DSK01
    Coming from the normal business world prior to Riot, it's about the same imo. People just didn't speak up in "normal" jobs for fear of becoming unhireable.
    May 8 0
  • Palo Alto Networks !💥
    From my brief stay at thq before they went bankrupt, I'd say they had issues.
    May 7 0
  • TrumpWins is a troll account. If you didn’t notice the /s at the end of his post, Riot is not an SJW company. If you’ve ever played League of Legends, that’s what Riot is like, a bunch of 13 year olds trying to sound smart and be edgy online.
    May 9 2
    • Microsoft TrumpWins
      Let’s look at a throwback to when this purple haired event organizer from Riot tweeted out this inclusive and non-sexist message for a hiring event:

      “Please note: until 2:30 room 613 is only open for women and nonbinary folks. We welcome all to join the room after 2:30”
      May 9
    • This event was only held to try to stop the PR fiasco that ensued after they were outed as a company of fart jokes.
      May 9
  • Activision Blizzard 86753on
    Yea, gaming culture is toxic and that leaks out in to the companies.
    May 8 0
  • Nintendo / Biz Dev PhantomR
    Not here.

    Just sayin.
    May 8 0
  • Twitch kTChf7t
    If you only knew
    May 8 0
  • Facebook @_@_/
    Apparently they do
    May 7 0
  • Oh it's definitely a sausage party everywhere I look in the office. So no sexism cuz there are no women. EA is trying but I think it's just hard to get women exited about joining a team of 30 socially akward dudes like ourselves.
    May 11 0
  • Activision Blizzard / Eng bugehalls
    I think most men might make off-color jokes because they’re a product of internet culture, but really, most of us are just socially awkward and socially stupid. That includes the women to some extent, but when “normal” people are hired into roles it can be a bit of a culture shock for both sides.

    Think this is really the problem with tech in general, I don’t find many people who are racist, sexist, etc. nobody actually, just people who need social adjustment and the solution is probably to meet in the middle between the culture clash

    But yeah, i doubt the scope of the whole -ism “problem”, its way blown out of proportion everywhere. Of course, I don’t think arbitration for legitimate sexual harassment claims is a good look either.
    May 8 0


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