Do not tolerate the intolerant

Microsoft 🍩doughnot
Jul 6 42 Comments

Do not tolerate the intolerant


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    It’s all shitposts and jokes - get a sense of humor!
    So should we ban Islam then?
    Jul 6 21
  • Tableau / Eng

    Tableau Eng

    Proof? And who defines what is intolerance and would be banned?
    Jul 6 1
    • Microsoft nut 🥥dem
      A committee of well-meaning wokes. 😂
      Jul 6
  • Apple VKjg08
    Anyone who believes a set of rules made thousands of years ago is truth should check thier IQ.
    Jul 6 5
    • Bloomberg / Eng

      Bloomberg Eng

      Bloomberg LP
      Some basic truths are universal, following scripture like a sheep is another story.
      Jul 6
    • Microsoft 🍩doughnot
      Originally, religions are a lot of common sense based and live-together rules. You can see them as early laws when their was no judicial systems.
      Jul 6
    • Apple VKjg08
      Like, you should not eat pork. Or women need to dressed as a ninja when going outside (to avoid sunburn I assume)
      Jul 6
    • Microsoft 🍩doughnot
      Did you go to a special school to be so ignorant and prejudiced?

      [poof too!]
      Jul 6
    • TAOS INC NDtn52
      Like, thou shalt not steal? Or how about.. thou shalt not kill? Or maybe thou shalt not lie? Those thousand year old laws should definitely be banned... they conflict too much with our modern sense of freedom and will surely destroy our country.
      Jul 6
  • Microsoft baito

    What about this group that wants homosexuality banned.

    You cool with them? Why or why not

    Jul 6 3
    • Microsoft baito
      fundamentalist Christians get ridiculed for being openly homophobic or other stupid beliefs. Rightfully so

      Haven’t seen the same against Islam. Why? Why is their homophobia tolerated? Why is Islam not held to the same standards
      Jul 6
    • Microsoft baito
      So because they don’t have any power it is ok when they as a group are extremely intolerant of LGBT community

      In U.K. where they have some power they present resistance to any LGBT education.

      There are Muslim who are gaining power in US as well. So what is the wait for.

      Homophobia is homophobia. You have power or not is irrelevant

      And we are talking about intolerance. So why not preach to a group that is showing the most resistance to the idea.

      And Muslims in US are much better towards LGBT than the Middle East. And I would imagine it will only get better with newer generation. But there needs to be more work done. But the tolerant left does not have the balls to even recognize it
      Jul 6
    • Microsoft baito
      I see
      So you are saying it’s ok to be intolerant of Muslims as they are intolerant to LGBT, but who has the time.

      So why is it if you point this out and say Islam has not gone through a reformation and does not align with western values as the polls suggest you are called an islamaphobe
      Jul 6
  • Google w9aV3k
    OP posted a misleading presentation of the concept.

    Popper said there shouldn't be UNLIMITED tolerance of intolerance. Suppression should be reserved for the extreme rather than all utterances of things that may be interpreted as intolerance. As long as intolerant ideas can be countered with a rational argument there's no reason to suppress it.

    So don't be like the fools at Berkeley and riot over Ben Shapiro. And don't get your information from random infographics on the internet like OP 🤷‍♀️
    Jul 6 0
  • Uber / Eng mH7bSe
    "My intolerant is good. Yours is bad"
    Jul 8 0
  • New / Legal

    New Legal

    Eli Lilly , United Technologies
    We are more tolerant of groups far away who have no impact on us, less tolerant of those who are next to us, influence our lives and values.

    When there are conflicts, laws have the final say. The changes of laws are the results of shifting powers, shifting population and morality being one of such powers.
    Jul 7 0
  • Microsoft Atinlay2
    I am lactose intolerant. Why should I not be tolerated?
    Jul 6 0
  • Amazon antiPC
    So Socialism should be banned as well?
    Jul 6 0
  • Xilinx LKLA78
    Why would the tolerant ones be destroyed?
    Jul 6 2


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