Do other FAANG have better WLB than Amazon?

Amazon jFRoWz
Jun 7 9 Comments


I have started as an intern in Amazon. I thought that working at FAANG would be amazing but when I have seen that I need to be more than 9 hours per day in the office (~8:00 - 17:00, including lunch)t. And I am just an intern, my manager can be in the office 10h. And I am in Europe that is supposed to have better WLB. Also I feel in the atmosphere that everyone is stressed with deadlines and that teams are blocking each other instead of helping, probably because they are too busy.

So basically I love how people are there and things look cool but WLB looks shitty and with a lot of pressure. Do you know if in other companies like Google, Facebook or Microsoft is the same?



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  • Microsoft / Eng mfCG87
    Microsoft? I work like 6 hours a day with long lunches in between. WHERE'S MY PAY INCREASE
    Jun 7 1
    • Schweitzer Engineering Laborator nVqE32
      I heard that from my friend. I thought he is just bragging.
      You lucky .....
      Jun 14
  • Amazon Cducs
    Amazon does have WLB but you really have to figure out how to work at the company. My last 3 or 4 years there I averaged about 7 hours a day and never did work outside the office other than the occasional on call. That’s very different than my first couple of years where I would often work 12 hour days because I was interested in the work and chose to. Until you figure out how the company works and how you want to be part of it, it will feel like there’s no WLB.
    Jun 7 0
  • / Eng abhi117
    It mostly depends on the team in which you are working. If the team deals with customer facing products or mission critical application you will see this behavior every irrespective of being Faang or not.
    Jun 7 0
  • Amazon / Eng prestige🧐
    At every place I’ve worked, 8-5 is a standard workday.
    Jun 7 2
    • Amazon jFRoWz
      Probably it can be like that but as I said I saw that my manager stays longer time and probably people who want to "deliver" more to get promoted also. In addition what I said about WLB also regards the pressure and deadline. Do you have any opinion about it?
      Jun 7
    • Gap / Eng randUser
      I'm coming for a 10-5 work day to amzn, this will be an adjustment
      Jun 7
  • Facebook public2
    Omg yes. Amazon doesn't even pretend to have wlb. Instead you guys have the "circle"
    Jun 7 0
  • Amazon yrd7khxy
    Idk. I usually work from 9 - 5. My team seems normal at that regard.
    Jun 7 0


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