Do programmers need wives?

Amazon mr.💩🌚
Jun 11 19 Comments

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  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    My wife fell off a 1-year cliff
    Jun 11 1
    • Amazon mr.💩🌚
      Just like my TC after 4 years
      Jun 11
  • Amazon ezy
    They don't need wives. A wife is more than sufficient.
    Jun 11 0
  • Oracle / Eng such1slife
    So all programmers are men or lesbians? Good to know
    Jun 11 1
    • SAP Man
      Yes. All the straight women are forced into non-technical middle management.
      Jun 11
  • Microsoft Vbsm66
    No they need husbands
    Jun 11 1
    • Microsoft cheinebs
      Lesbians need a wife.
      Jun 11
  • Google / Eng caniretire
    I should have stayed single and paid for sex. I could have retired much earlier.
    Jun 11 0
    HTTP 418

    HTTP 418more
    They don't need wives. They can use their hands
    Jun 11 0
  • Microsoft $,(68?/xds
    Jun 11 0
  • Microsoft cheinebs
    Having multiple wives is not allowed in law. Programmers are less horny than most of others so I think many will appreciate for even having a wife. Or are you implying the programmers should go and live in a country that allows?
    Jun 11 3
    • Programmers are less horny? That’s weird. But it sounds true.
      Jun 11
    • Microsoft cheinebs
      Not to generalize but if you ask average people they will say software engineers look least interested in sex. Just read the Blind comments. That should also give you a good idea. Average people in their 20s put more energy on finding dating partners. Software engineers in their 20s think about code and tech all week. They love to code so much that they code in their free time. This is insane for many people.
      Jun 12
    • Amazon echo $?
      To quote an old movie: “all jocks ever think about is sports; all nerds ever think about is sex” (Revenge of the Nerds).
      Jun 13
  • Amazon echo $?
    "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." —Jane Austin, Pride & Prejudice.
    Jun 13 0
  • Goldman Sachs deejdsol
    The real ones program a bot wife!
    Jun 11 0
  • Uber / Eng ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
    We need showers
    Jun 11 0
  • Microsoft / Eng sunofa🍑
    Sounds like you're offering.
    Jun 11 0
  • Visa EffOffBoy
    they can just make their own
    Jun 11 0