Do referrals at Google hold any weight with the HC?

Microsoft CasiusClay
Sep 14 6 Comments

A recruiter has reached out to me to see if I’m interested in Google. I also have a friend who has done well for himself at Google. Does it make sense to follow up with the recruiter or ask my friend for a referral?


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  • Google G-*
    Tell the recruiter that you have a referral.

    A referral can write good things about you during HC/team matching to improve your odds if you can get that far.
    Sep 14 0
  • New Loliet
    Referral can help for initial contact and phone screen. Not much after that.
    Sep 14 0
  • Walmart ghu75v
    I think they do. I got to skip tech phone screen and i did pass HC.

    That being said, I'm still waiting for team match
    Sep 14 2
    • Ellie Mae

      Ellie Mae

      Diligent. Persistent. Technology enthusiast. Always curious. Always grateful.
      How long have you been waiting ☝🏻
      Sep 14
    • Walmart ghu75v
      2 months overall, 1 week after passing HC
      Sep 14
  • Verizon Media DVhC50
    Do both! Follow up with the recruiter for a conversation and let them know that you have a friend at the company - they might not contact your friend, but the hiring manger certainly will. Definitely let your friend know you are speaking to the recruiter about the position so they are ready for any questions about you.
    Sep 14 0