Do system design interviews usually ask you to name the specific frameworks or db you plan to use?

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Aug 15, 2018 4 Comments

Is it enough to say: use a rdbm here, use a distributed kv store, or will you will be asked, which rdbm oracle or MySQL , which kV store redis or riak or Cassandra, and justify your choice. If the latter I have to know the architecture of all major open source frameworks and dbs ?

In other words, when we sketch our components, do we label them as types (SQL dB, kV store, web server) or as specific names (MySQL, redis, nginx)?


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  • Microsoft Frunk
    Yes - again depends on the interviewer - sometimes even interviewers might not know the components , but you should make a choice and justify why you did it - that would be better than talking about things in theory
    Aug 15, 2018 0
  • If you are a senior they might challenge you with framework details.
    Aug 15, 2018 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Yes, I ask which framework one chooses and why. It pretty obvious who is talking theory and who is talking from experience.
    Aug 15, 2018 0
  • eBay / Eng

    eBay Eng

    Couple of places I recently interviewed with were interested in knowing the names etc..
    Aug 15, 2018 0