Do you believe in Fate?

Amazon FrupidLife
Jul 11 18 Comments

Is life prewritten or completely random to you?



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  • Uber / Eng fomo
    Why being random needs to be in a simulation? What a shit poll. Learn some quantum mechanics kid, you’ll know that nothing is deterministic in the universe
    Jul 11 9
    • Autodesk bvjnchk
      Based on my understanding of particle physics. There exists a particle central to all matter in the universe, which can be called “god” particle. So no one can deny the existence of it.
      Jul 11
    • Salesforce pleasad
      That’s just a dumb name given to something we don’t understand yet. You can call it the spaghetti particle too doesn’t mean spaghetti monster is real
      Jul 11
    • Amazon FrupidLife
      Thank you for educating and clarifying, I agree with the idea of deterministism but I can't edit the poll values after posting :(
      Jul 11
    • New / Eng blezoss
      @pleasad you sound very educated, curious to know what your background is & what you do at Salesforce
      Jul 12
    • Salesforce pleasad
      Just a good ol SWE
      Jul 12
  • General Atomics ddty
    Lol unexpected third option
    Jul 11 1
    • Microsoft stink
      Lol , Could as well have been a 🍿
      Jul 12
  • How about Blueprint + build as you go?
    Jul 12 0
  • Microsoft stink
    Damn this is actually a good question
    Jul 12 0
  • PayPal


    Never stand still.
    I think we have to look at everything happening from different scale, for example: assuming there’s a special lottery that is picking one person from existing human pool (like? 7 b people?) and what will happen is: someone will win for sure; and would that be you? Would that be me? Who cares, someone just won. Idk... maybe I’m drunk, I drunk too much water tonight.
    Jul 11 0
  • GoDaddy / Eng woohoo!
    Karma, what you sow is what you reap!
    Jul 11 0
  • Nvidia paidrobot
    No, but I believe in magic. 🎵
    Jul 11 0
  • Amazon mlokkjrtxz
    If it is prewritten then who wrote it ? And where do they go ? What is Tesla ? Boiling water and SQL anymore !
    Jul 11 0


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