Do you care about your company's morals?

Google demoo
Aug 26 14 Comments

I work because I want to make money. I don't care if some execs want to induce workplace or search bias. I don't care if Google invades privacy. I just will do the job to maximize my TC.

Do you care about company morals?



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TOP 14 Comments
  • Microsoft Atin|ay2
    The problem is that most people are not smart enough and don't have a big enough picture to know if sth is right or wrong.
    Aug 26 2
  • Oracle pzd
    Of course I have a sense of right and wrong. I don't think it's my employer's responsibility to enforce that on customers / employees / politicians.
    Aug 26 1
    • Microsoft Atin|ay2
      It's also not ur responsibility to impose your own sense of right and wrong, which may be right or wrong, to your employer.
      Aug 26
  • Uber ice blast
    The way you phrased those questions makes this poll pointless.
    Aug 26 1
    • Google demoo
      No. This is a common thing with polls. It's just to make it a bit more fun to answer. All the additional stuff doesn't matter.
      Aug 26
  • eBay uhgWpls
    Where is the middle ground?
    Aug 26 0
  • Amazon syrbskcb
    I would work on Skynet if they paid me enough.
    Aug 26 1
    • Uber / Eng itsdara
      Skynet will make you CEO, then your buddy will unhook you, end of story.
      Aug 26
  • D. E. Shaw & Co. WXia81
    I absolutely care about the company's morals. An amoral company is going to be amoral both out and in and will happily screw its employees over whenever it finds so convenient, while tainting employees by association. I am in the process of leaving my current company precisely because they recently did something that I felt went against its internal value statements since to me it was indicative of rot underneath.
    Aug 27 1
    • Intel D’s🥜
      I’m pretty sure you are an outlier here. Jokes of Skynet aside, I’m pretty sure most people here would have made Hitler’s propaganda website better and keep people reading for longer
      Aug 28
  • Uber ice blast
    Most people are very short sighted. That’s why out 🌎 is getting so 💩. Silicon Valley is the biggest fraud of all times that is distracting thousands of greatest minds from solving real problems of humanity.
    Aug 26 1
    • Intel D’s🥜
      That’s the real tragedy. Most of the time, solving real problems is not lucrative.
      Aug 27